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Top Marks @ Four Marks
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A brave move for the Chiltern Hills Enduro Club running round 1 so early in the season. The Four Marks venue proved to be a true test for solos and quads alike. With short light, the adult race was reduced to 3 hours; the kids, however, running a full 1.5 hours (youth classes 1&2 setting off at 9am sharp).

Who Put the Hurry Into Potter?

In youth 1, James O'Hara took the early lead, closely followed by a determined John Stanley. By the time they'd exited the wooded section, Georgia Potter came out punching - it was clear to see who'd been training hard over the winter. The Potter magic only came to a stop after the kick start jammed, losing her time.

After remounting, the hard charging John Stanley fought back to a strong lead. O'Hara chased hard and finished second. Doug (Mr Smooth) Lote finished a credible third despite losing his front brake.

In youth 2, Travis Field pulled off the win despite overnight illness and only making the decision to ride at the last minute. A well-deserved second place went to Flynn Dennison. Completing the podium, Cameron English came in third.

In a League of His Own

Jack Lee made the difficult conditions look easy as he slithered his way around the technical Four Marks circuit to an untroubled victory. The attrition rate was high in all classes so credit is due to those who finished. Second place overall went to Kevin Sullivan with Mark Oakley in third.

Duhonyi Norbert rode out of his class, dominating the Clubman ranks. Lewie Davis and Steve Vass fought it out for second and third respectively.

First place was brought home by Alfie Webb in the Sportsman class and Stuart Jones won Novice class.

It is inspiring to see an outstanding ride from Janet Freeman-Smith who won the ladies' by a country mile. Sophie Bailey took a respectable second and Karen Thirtle collected third

Joe Phillips

The older kids have been promoted into the newly formed intermediate class. This gives them a longer race in with the adults which includes a compulsory 20-minute pit stop. The club were unsure how they would fare against the adults; these thoughts were dispelled when Jake Roper shot out of the start gate to prove himself more than a match for the majority of the field. Jo Phillips and Archie Gunton also looked strong, finishing second and third.

Al Morris

Despite the harsh conditions most riders went home smiling, having had a great day - all cobwebs blown out.
All roads head to Lane End for round 2 of the Club Championship on 5 March 2017.


Expert Class
1 Jack Lee
2 Kevin Silvain
3 Mark Oakley
1 Alfie Webb
2 Adam Lewis
3 Ryan Jones
1 Stuart Jones
2 William Palmer
3 Andy Ball
1 Jacob Roper
2 Jo Phillips
3 Archie Gunton
1 Duhonyi Norbert
2 Lewie Davis
3 Steve Vass
1 Janet Freeman-Smith
2 Sophie Bailey
3 Karen Thirtle
Youth 1
1 John Stanley
2 James O'Hara
3 Doug Lote
Youth 2
1 Travis Field
2 Flynn Dennison
3 Cameron English