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Matthew PhillipsMatthew Phillips conquers Sicily

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The third day of the 2017 Italian Enduro Championship in Sicily was claimed by the Australian World Champion Matthew Phillips. The Sherco rider won first day of the second round after a great battle with Giacomo Redondi with Christophe Charlier, Steve Holcombe and Alex Salvini ensuring a fiery competition.

The exciting course was created by the Motoclub Custonaci Enduro Club. It featured three special tests, all characterized by hard and stony ground, connected by tight liaison stages that gave the riders little room for relaxation. The start was at 8.00 am from the paddock. After a few minutes the riders faced the first test.

On the first lap the championship lead was in the hands of Giacomo Redondi, with Phillips and Holcombe behind him detached by less than a second. From lap number two the leadership passed into the hands of Matthew Phillips. setting the fastest lap time of the day; The Australian rider managed to keep the lead of 10 seconds on the Redmoto Honda rider Redondi  In third place Christophe Charlier (Husqvarna), was really brilliant in his first real experience of Enduro. Among rocks and trails the Frenchman managed to take home 15 important points that saw him leading the overall championship standings.

To keep the score even Steve Holcombe - still not 100% of his physical fitness - finished fourth. Daniel Sanders was 5th and Alex Salvini recovered to take 6th- after a difficult start when he lost precious seconds after to a fall in the extreme.  

The E1 class was won by Davide Guarneri (Honda Redmoto) after a comeback on Rudy Moroni (KTM Farioli), who led for most of the event. Third was Oscar Ballets of Husqvarna. E2 went to Giacomo Redondi ahead of Alex Salvini and Manuel Monni (TM Racing), the latter protagonist of a good performance despite a blow to the hand remedied in the training area. E3 in the back on the top step of the podium after four years Deny Philippaerts (Beta Boano), that 'the winning move last round by winning the day for 41 cents on Thomas Oldrati (Husqvarna). Third Tommaso Montanari (Beta Boano).

Among the young, they confirmed category leader, after goals from Lignano Sabbiadoro, David Soreca for Junior and Andrea Verona (TM Satellite Team) for Youth. The Honda rider wins Redmoto Emanuele Facchetti (TM Racing) and Nicolas Pellegrinelli (Husqvarna Diligenti), while Vicenza won the test with more than two minutes ahead of Claudio Spanu (Husqvarna) and Alberto Capoferri (KTM Pavia).

The IMF Cup, Damian Llull (Husqvarna) won the E1 followed by Domenico Ricchiari (TM) and John Bonazzi (Husqvarna), while winning the class EO Sicilian David Cutuli (Husqvarna) preceding the round one leader Peter Pini (Honda) and corregionale Alessandro Talamo (Husqvarna).

Turning to the Italian Cup, snatches the victory to the winner of the championship Gianluca Caroli (KTM), Manuel Dolce (KTM) that the check for ten seconds right on the Apulian rider. Third place went to Manolo Morettini Suzuki Valenti. Junior in the podium of the day is made up of Alberto Besagno (KTM) followed by Michele Giannone (Husqvarna) and Marco Bologna (TM), while in the senior the first place is occupied by Anthony Arcuri (Husqvarna), who also signs of the Absolute Italian Cup. The Sicilian rider gets behind Carmelo Knowles (Husqvarna) and the championship leader Massimo Mutti (KTM). In Major third victory of the season for Matteo Ferrari (KTM) that leaves no scope for catching up to rivals; the second and third largest, with over two-minute gap Florindo Finamore and Teodoro Antonuccio, respectively TM and KTM.

Paola Riverditi (Husqvarna Pavia) won the Ladies class. Cristina Marrocco (KTM) and Anna Sappino (Husqvarna) occupied second and third positions.

We conclude with the teams and trophies. Motoclub Sebino won the ranking for Motoclub while to win the day in the Independent Team is the Osellini Husqvarna.

Matthew Phillips, in addition to the overall ranking, makes her both the trophy Airoh Cross Test that the X-CUP Maxxis - Galfer, signing the best times in both the fettucciata proof that in that extreme.

Results - Day 1

Day 2

Alex Salvini won the second day following the last special

There was an epic battle in Custonaci (TP) on the second day of the Sicilian round of the Maxxis Italian Championship / Cup Italy 2017. Throughout the race we saw a thrilling fight between Giacomo Redondi, Matthew Phillips, Alex Salvini, Steve Holcombe and Daniel Sanders that gave us an unforgettable day with changes at the top. The four protagonists of the general classification have struggled to win the top step of the podium, arriving at the entrance of the last special apart from a very few seconds. In command at that time he was Redondi for two seconds on Salvini; the Beta champion from Bologna came into Taped with grit and determination. Curve after curve Alex managed to gain precious seconds, failing to cross the finish line in front of Redondo in general for six seconds so winning the victory of the day.

Behind the Beta rider and Honda Redmoto conclude the order Steve Holcombe (Beta), fighting for the top of the standings for much of the race, Daniel Sanders (KTM) and Matthew Phillips (Sherco). To leave all to the result E3 mouth also opened with Deny Philippaerts (Beta Boano), the lead until the last special, second behind Thomas Oldrati (Husqvarna) to 0:01 cents! A truly incredible result.

E1 in the fight has yet to see Davide Guarneri and Rudy Moroni protagonists, the victory went to Brescia Honda Redmoto for less than ten seconds. In E2 wins Salvini of Redondo, while in the Junior to dull in this second day is Nicolas Pellegrinelli (Husqvarna Diligenti), that you put behind Matthew Cavallo (Beta Boano) and David Soreca (Honda Redmoto). In the Youth wins Andrea Verona (TM Satellite Team) who collects his fourth win of the season, followed by Claudio Spanu (Husqvarna) and Alberto Capoferri (KTM). Among Foreigners dominates the British flag with E3 Steve Holcombe winner champion of the two Australian Daniel Sanders and Matthew Phillips.

Phillips is also confirmed for the pilot Extreme Custonaci today. In the special splendid drawn on the rocky slope of a mountain with cross the sea and surrounded by a large audience, the Sherco rider won the third X-CUP Maxxis test - Galfer 2017. He can not be repeated, however, in the Trophy Cross Airoh Test; has conquered the summit of the trophy for the test fettucciata a fellow Phillips, Daniel Sanders, which is imposed on Alex Salvini and Giacomo Redondi.

Motorcycle clubs and Independent Team. By just one point manages to make her the championship of the Club Motoclub Sebino, followed by David Trial Fornaroli and GS Fiamme Oro Milan, while among the Independent Team finishes in first place followed by Team Osellini Diligenti Racing.

In the Coppa IMF sees the boys again Damian Llull and David Cutuli, both of Husqvarna, winners respectively of the E1 and EO classes.

Turning to the Italian Cup, which today has led to finish the race with three laps and faced the ultimate test is not expected yesterday, the cadets returned to the top step of the podium Gianluca Caroli (KTM) who won the day with more than a minute on Joseph Vitale (Husqvarna) and Manuel Dolce (KTM), winner yesterday. Michele Giannone (Husqvarna) was the fastest rider in the Junior, followed by the winner of the day1 Alberto Besagno (KTM) and Vincenzo D'Angelo (Husqvarna). In the Senior brace for Anthony Arcuri, still the fastest rider of the Italian Cup. Behind him conclude Massimo Mutti (KTM) and Gamba Lorenzo (Yamaha). Matteo Ferrari (KTM) continues his streak to Italy Maxxis Cup 2017 winning also the day today in the Major category with less than 46 seconds on Massimo Antoci (Husqvarna) and Florindo Finamore (TM).

A big compliment goes to the whole Motoclub Custonaci Enduro Club for the excellent organization. The club directed by Alfredo Castiglione gave us two days of real Enduro, with challenging trails and a spectacular setting between the sea and the public thronged the most suggestive spots of the race to see our samples.

Attending the event, enjoying two days of great entertainment branded offroad, the new president Giovanni Copioli IMF, on his first official visit to the Italian Enduro Championship after the election last December.

The next round of the Enduro Italian / Italian Maxxis Cup 2017 is for April 9 in Viverone (BI).

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