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Image result for welsh enduro newsWelsh 2 Day Enduro 2017


The Organisers of the Welsh are aware of the need to ensure that the running of the event does not result in any undue safety or environmental issues and to minimise disruption for local residents. A key area of concern is the provision of arrangements for refuelling of competitorís machines, given the size of the entry and the area covered by the event. We also need to minimise the impact of the additional traffic that the event generates together with vehicle parking along country roads not suited to an increased number of vehicles.

To achieve these aims and to eliminate the need for competitors support crews to transport significant quantities of fuel from the start area to the various refuelling points on the course we have engaged the services of a professional organisation with experience of carrying out this role at British Superbikes and World Rally Championship events. Details of this organisation can be found at:

Competitors will be able to fill their machines at the entry to the Parc Ferme, together with three service areas on the course. The location of service points will be announced in the Final Instructions and the mileage between service points will not exceed 30 miles, as defined in the ACU Enduro Regs. There will be four manned electric pumps at each service area, two dispensing Super Unleaded fuel and two providing 2/stroke mix at a ratio of 50:1. The 2/stroke oil will be a good quality brand, details of which will be announced at a later date. Should you wish to provide your own 2/stroke oil you should sign up for the Super Unleaded option. The quantity of fuel dispensed will be metered to enable you to dispense the required quantity of 2/stroke oil, should you wish to do so. Competitors who wish to set up their machines to accommodate this fuel or 2/stroke ratio can purchase 25 litres from the service provider in advance of the event. Sufficient time will be allowed on all time controls that include service.

The cost of providing this service will be £96 per machine (£80 + VAT) and will need to be paid to the service provider. This will include the cost of fuel together with the cost of providing the service, which will meet all legislative, environmental and safety requirements.

A fuel order form will be issued to all entrants and this will need to be returned to the service provider along with payment to secure their entry in the event.  The date for completion of this order form and payment will be confirmed at a later date


It is hoped that we will also be able to include the provision of bottled water and food stations at the refuelling areas, but this is yet to be finalised. Details will be posted on the event website if we are able to arrange this.

We hope that competitors will understand that the introduction of this measure is ensure the Welsh 2-Day Enduro has a long term future.