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Track n Trail - Thorncombe

Dylan Bayton takes a well-deserved win.

Written by Dominic De Couto 
Photographs by Belinda Sample

The Sun certainly had his hat on for Track n Trail and their riders this Sunday 2nd of April. Another spectacular Hare and Hound event was hosted at the Thorncombe Track. There was an assortment of sections in the track with a great variation of ground conditions.

A big rain storm the day before drenched the race track making the conditions extremely slippery and meant big ruts appeared in many places, it wasnít until the last hour that the sun done is job and track really started to dry out. The maize fields had not yet been planted so the soil was cultivated and moist which made the berms build up quickly.

In the Championship there were some dramatic results with Dylan Bayton off on the first lap and achieving the fasted lap of the day and 28 seconds ahead of Daniel Price in second place, with Mark Kirby pushing hard in third place . The top three place stayed in the same order for the 2.5 hour race.

Itís great to see Dylon winning his first Track n Trail Adult Race after winning numerous Youth races over the last 10 or more years. Hats off to Mark Kirby who kept pace with these youngsters.

Another Enduro master took the win in Experts, Gary McCoy displayed some quality riding by soaring ahead on his first and fastest lap, continuing on to be fairly consistent. Despite dropping back on the second from last lap he pushed on and retook the lead on the last lap. 2nd place Elliot Davies had a very similar style and busted out his fastest lap on his first lap and sitting in 2nd place for the duration of the race. Third place rider had an awful first lap coming round in 11th but then Jack Nixey got the bit between his teeth and put the hammer down working his way forward and claiming a great third place.

Results Laps time

1 Dylan Bayton 12 08:03.00
2 Daniel Price 12 10:20.00
3 Mark kirby 11 12:13.00
1 Gary McCoy 11 11:24.00
2 Elliot Davies 11 12:19.00
3 Jack nixey 10 03:12.00
Over 40 Expert
1 Ross Blackmore 10 00:46.00
2 Jack twentyman10 02:38.00
3 arnaud didey 9 18:26.00
Clubman 2 stroke
1 Rich Sawyer 10 12:04.00
2 Ryan Hayes 9 09:46.00
3 Jonathan Noble 9 14:33.00
Clubman 4 stroke
1 James Ford 9 09:05.00
2 Peter King 8 05:13.00
3 Matthew Sturmey 7 04:09.00
Over 40's Clubman
1 kevin rumming 9 17:13.00
2 George Leyland 8 17:44.00
3 Nick Pottow 6 02:26.00
Over 50's
1 Richard Strawbridge7 11:04.00
2 Tom Lowe 7 18:38.00
3 Steve Curtis 6 00:12.00
Sportsman 2 stroke
1 Kyle Thomas 8 07:49.00
2 Neil Coffin 7 00:29.00
3 Guy Krummins 7 04:51.00
Sportsman 4 stroke
1 Aaren Carpenter6 06:26.00
2 Nick Kelland 6 14:42.00
3 Joe Bayfield 5 01:14.00
1 Thomas Hares 7 09:39.00
2 Howard Strawbridge5 18:23.00
3 Robert Taylor 3 08:28.00
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