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Report Martin Southwick
Photos Terri Saunders

Once again, the vagaries of the U.K. weather managed to play a part in Lincolnshire Enduro clubs latest race.

A month ago, in their first event, a major rain storm brewed up and played havoc. A lot of riders fell by the wayside as track conditions
became nigh on impossible, especially towards the end of the event.

LEC's latest race at the weekend saw the weather go to the other extreme, with unseasonably warm and sunny conditions. With temperatures hitting the mid 20 degrees, some riders will have no doubt wished for the previous events cooler climate ! The clubs normal format for their events is two 90 minute races separated by a break of an hour in between. Moving away from that, LEC decided to mix things up a bit and run a straight 3 hour race for their second event. The longer race and the high temperatures saw riders taking water on board internally this time, instead of externally last time !! It is now known by some as The Lincolnshire Erzberg !!

The 5 mile course took place at the Korc Sport off road centre near Kirton in Lindsey, North Lincs. The centre has always been well known
with the 4x4 guys but recent changes have meant a few sideways moves into the off-road bike world. Now, with a fully marked up enduro
practice track, Korc Sport are also planning an enduro "cross" track as well as a trials park and a fully designated Moto X track. They can be reached on

120 riders took part in the race, and category winners for event two were as follows ...... Experts . . George Birchall/Clubmen...Connor
Bolsover/Sportsman...Jake Shepard/Beginner...Rudie Van Der Merwe/Ladies...Tara Hollingsworth/Over 40's...Darren Bedford/Over
50's...Neil Tapper

The clubs next event is at Willingham in Lincolnshire on May 7th. Details of that and the club as a whole can be seen on the clubs
Facebook page or their website. ( "