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2017 24MX French Enduro Championship

Day 1

The organizers of the opening round of this 2017 24MX  French Enduro Championship of Enduro could not have hoped for a better start. The superb countryside offered by the beautiful region of the heart of the Var was bathed in Spring sunshine. The experience of the volunteers of the Moto Club du Var did the rest. They have put forward their know-how in the organization of such events and have been able to ensure the smooth running of this opening.

There were some surprises. The British rider Jamie McCaney won in E1 by taking the best on Jérémy Tarroux. Loïc Larrieu's victory in E2 which had to face a surprising Pierre Vissac who led a part of the race. In E3, easy victory of a Christophe Nambotin who had not tasted a victory over his national championship for two years. Finally, among the Juniors, it is the new recruit of the EEAT, Hugo Blanjoue, which imposes itself.


Planned until the last moment at the start of the race, Marc Bourgeois did not finally take part in this opening event. In lack of preparation, he preferred to devote this weekend to the success of the team Outsider he manages. Well he took it, because he sees today the victory of his pilot, the British Jamie McCaney in E1.

Wheeling in mid-race with Jérémy Tarroux (Sherco), he finally took the best on him in the final loop and beat for 13 seconds.

Behind them, the battle for access to the podium opposite Julien Gauthier (Yamaha B2R) to Romain Boucardey (Yamaha Ridercamp). Advantage Gauthier for 3 small seconds, which thus takes the 3rd place of a category that promises to be very contested this season.

All the more so as the newcomers have already joined the debates. From the outset, it was the Husqvarna Jeremy Miroir driver who created the surprise this morning by winning in the very first time of the day. A performance he reiterates during the last stage. He finally finished in 5th place, but could legitimately believe in a podium for the days to come.

CLASSIFICATION E1 -1 / Jamie McCaney - 2 / Jérémy Tarroux - 3 / Julien Gauthier


The beautiful surprise of this race day at the E2 comes from the team BETA, and from the driver Auvergne Pierre Vissac. Extremely fast, he imposes himself on all the stages of the first lap that he loops in front of a Loïc Larrieu (Yamaha Outsiders) who obviously did not expect to be opposed as much resistance. The pilot of the south regains his concentration and his speed at the beginning of the second loop and finally manages to regain the leadership. He's going to win tonight for 34 seconds. Vissac takes a very good second place.

On the third step of the podium, there is a Jérémy Joly (BETA) who has yet to get used to a motorcycle and an environment he discovers to be able to claim victory. Note the excellent performance of Yohan Lafont. The Yamaha B2R rider was last year in the national category and has already set a time limit to compete for a podium finish. He is 4th of the day.

CLASSIFICATION E2 - 1 / Loïc Larrieu - 2 / Pierre Vissac - 3 / Jérémy Joly


In the "big displacement" category, Christophe Nambotin (KTM) will have had a relatively quiet race. He took the lead after a day that he led from start to finish without ever really being worried by the competition. Big fright though in the second round when he falls violently, fortunately without harm. He then gives the first place of the special to the Basque Anthony Geslin (BETA). Geslin who made a remarkable performance today by occupying the second place for 2 laps, before having to give up following a mechanical incident.

Romain Dumontier (Yamaha - Dumontier Racing) is still in second place on his 300 WRZ.

The third step of the podium is occupied this evening by Rudy Cotton (Husqvarna). The "local" of the stage, former regular of the championship, obviously did not lose the hand!

CLASSIFICATION E3 - 1 / Christophe Nambotin - 2 / Romain Dumontier - 3 / Rudy Cotton


In a Junior category that has accustomed us to a lot of madness and very frequent changes in the ranking, we can say that this first day was relatively calm. The first highlight was the abandonment of one of the favorites, Spanish Kirian Mirabet (Sherco Academy) who broke his ignition cover on a stone in the second stage.

The performer of the day is Hugo Blanjoue. The new resident of the French Army FFM team started his season very well by winning today quite clearly, ahead of Thomas Dubost (KTM).

The latter signed a first podium in Junior after winning the category Hope last season. He is joined on the podium by another EEAT pilot, Jean-Baptiste Nicolot. An access to the podium that was played in the very last special, and for only a few tenths of a second, with Theo Espinasse (Sherco Academy) and Valérian Debaud (TM). Vive tomorrow that we can witness the revenge!

JUNIOR CLASSIFICATION - 1 / Hugo Blanjoue - 2 / Thomas Dubost - 3 / Jean-Baptiste Nicolot


On the women's side, we had a very good confrontation between the Australian driver Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha) and Samantha Tichet (Yamaha). The latter led a part of the race, before getting caught in the first stage of the second lap, where she conceded about thirty seconds to Gardiner. The Australian won in front of Samantha in a fight that we should probably see again this season.

Juliette Berrez (Yamaha), defending champion, is on the third step of the podium. Author of very regular times, it however did not manage to hang the wheel of Tichet and Gardiner.

FEMALE STANDINGS - 1 / Jessica Gardiner - 2 / Samantha Tichet - 3 / Juliette Berrez


On the manufacturers side, it is the title holder, YAMAHA, who starts the season as he finished, with a victory. Thanks to the performances of Jamie McCaney and Loic Larrieu, respectively winners E1 and E2, they take the lead of this trophy.


Day 2

The commune of Luc-En-Provence and its surroundings have been a first-choice host for this opening of the French Enduro Championship 24MX 2017. Beyond the exceptional climate and landscapes that are not less, Reception which was reserved for the caravan of the French enduro.

Eric Michel, president of the Moto Club du Var, who took the helm of this event, can be proud of his volunteers and the ability they once again had to organize a national event in this event Sumptuous department of Var. It is a no-fault.

Between the banners, there were still good passes of arms, notably in the category E1, of which Jeremy Tarroux takes over the command. Loic Larrieu and Christophe Nambotin logically win categories E2 and E3. In junior, Hugo Blanjoue sits his position of leader by signing the double, like Jessica Gardiner in the girls.


E1 in the first laps of the wheel, with a mechanical breakdown that robs yesterday's winner Jamie McCaney (Yamaha Outsider) of any chance of victory. The British finally managed to resume the course of the race, but without any hope to go up in the classification.

The field was thus free for Jérémy Tarroux. The official Sherco, a time worried by a Julien Gauthier (Yamaha-B2R) more comfortable than yesterday, made a solid race and climbed to the top step of the podium tonight. He thus takes the lead of the provisional classification E1. Julien Gauthier finished second, a position that he also occupies in the interim.

The third place was played in the last special between Romain Boucardey (Yamaha-Ridercamp) and Jérémy Miroir (Husqvarna). Boucardey fails in this ultimate time and offers Jérémy Miroir his first podium in the Elite category. An excellent result for his very first race in E1.

E1 Championship standings - 1 / Jérémy Tarroux - 37 Pts - 2 / Julien Gauthier - 32 Pts - 3 / Jérémy Mirror - 26 Pts


Loïc Larrieu (Yamaha - Outsiders) won his day again in the mid-size category. A performance that confirms a favorite status that it will undoubtedly be very difficult to come to challenge him. For that, we can still count on a team BETA who impressed a lot this weekend. Pierre Vissac confirms his fine result of yesterday by finishing once again in second place. He is followed by his teammate Jérémy Joly, with whom he fought an impressive battle, especially in the first round where they realized almost identical times.

Yoan Lafont (Yamaha B2R) reiterated his performance yesterday by placing himself at the gates of the podium, he is 4th.

E2 Championship standings - 1 / Loïc Larrieu - 40 Pts - 2 / Pierre Vissac - 34 Pts - 3 / Jérémy Joly - 30 Pts


In the E3, Christophe Nambotin (KTM) lived a relatively quiet day. Like yesterday, he commits his only false note in the middle, in a special 2 where he concedes ten seconds. Not much to worry for the Norman who had accumulated thirty seconds before. He won all the other times and took the lead in this category E3 of which he took command. He leads the provisional with 6 points ahead of Romain Dumontier (Yamaha).

Second of the day, Dumontier had to face the attacks of the newcomer with the long teeth, the Basque pilot Anthony Geslin (BETA). Often able to hang on to Dumontier's time, he was finally satisfied with a third place. This promises nice passes of weapon for the events to come.

E3 Championship standings - 1 / Christophe Nambotin - 40 Pts - 2 / Romain Dumontier - 34 Pts - 3 / Rudy Cotton - 26 Pts


The Junior category seems to have found a new leader. The EEAT recruit Hugo Blanjoue was once again the fastest among young people today. He will have to confirm to Gacé, on a field of a very different nature, but the speed he showed this weekend to achieve this double made him the favorite for the rest of the events.

Behind Blanjoue, there is a group shot of the Sherco Academy drivers. Théo Espinasse, the first of them, took second place, just 2 seconds ahead of his team-mate Kirian Mirabet, who had to give up yesterday.

In the interim, Blanjoue takes the lead with 10 points ahead of Theo Espinasse, taking advantage of the average results of Dubost and Nicolot today.

Junior Championship Ranking - 1 / Hugo Blanjoue - 40 Pts - 2 / Theo Espinasse - 30 Pts - 3 / Thomas Dubost -26 Pts


On the women's side, the start of the race was more difficult today for Samantha Tichet (Yamaha), who struggled to find the right rhythm and saw Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha) move away from the first round. The Australian, despite a poor performance in the SP3, largely dominated her subject and won again this weekend. Samantha Tichet takes the second place, and in fact consolidates this same rank in the provisional classification.

Juliette Berrez, another Yamaha driver, completes a podium identical to that of the first day.

Women's Championship standings - 1 / Jessica Gardiner - 40 Pts - 2 / Samantha Tichet - 34 Pts - 2 / Juliette Berrez- 30 Pts


The white result of Jamie McCaney rebounds the cards in the category manufacturer. After the victory of Yamaha yesterday, it is today Sherco that is imposed thanks to the good performances of Jérémy Tarroux and Kirian Mirabet. The French brand also takes the lead of the provisional classification with 67 points, ahead of KTM.

Ranking championship Manufacturer - 1 / SHERCO - 67 Pts - 2 / HUSQVARNA - 66 Pts - 3 / YAMAHA - 64 Pts

The next event will take us to the other end of France, in Normandy, towards a radically different setting and typology of terrain. The drivers will be back in the budding stages, and this could change the rankings we've had this weekend. See you in Gacé on the 13th and 14th of May. More details