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Double win for Brad Freeman at Helmsley
13th/14th May
Photo Garry Barnes

After a very successful opening round in Scotland the 2017 ACU British Enduro Championship headed to the picturesque market town of Helmsley, North Yorkshire for this weekend's Putoline Yorshire 2 Day Enduro.

A month's rainfall in 24 hours stretched  Dirtbike Actions' resources in 2016 so clerk of the course John Kerwin enlisted the help of Paul Edmondson and his Fast Eddy Racing Team to ensure a top quality event this year. The paddock was moved further down the road to create a larger parking area and the 20 mile forest lap was more flowing & less technical to reduce the possibility of "hold ups". 

The start was at 10.00am and the weather was warm. Brad Freeman {Beta Boano Racing} was also warm after his recent win in the EnduroGP of Spain Junior class and he won the first test by six seconds from series leader Danny McCanney (Rockstar Husqvarna} who was also 6 seconds ahead of GNCC XC3 leader Jack Edmondson (Coastal Husqvarna) in 3rd. The shorter second test was closer but Brad Freeman still set the fastest time ahead of McCanney and Edmondson. At the end of the first lap Brad Freeman led by almost 11 seconds from Danny McCanney and Jack Edmondson was 3rd - 17 seconds off the leader. 

On the 4th test all Brad Freeman's hard work was lost when he dropped 18 seconds and Danny McCanney took the lead. It was a battle Royale as Freeman came back on the 5th test. Then on the 6th test Jack Edmondson set light to blue touch paper on his Husqvarna 125 to set the fastest time. Behind the top 3 but still in contension Jamie Lewis 4th , Josh Gotts 5th, Dan Mundell 6th, Lee Sealey 7th, Fraser Flockhart 8th and Alex Snow 9th.

After 8 tests less than 4 seconds separated Brad Freeman and Danny McCanney with Brad taking the win. Danny in 2nd was the best E2. Jack Edmondson was 3rd and he clinched the E1 4T class, Jamie Lewis was 4th and Josh Gotts was 5th. Dan Mundell in 6th gave Jack Edmondson a good run in the E1 4T class. Fraser Flockhart was 7th. Lee Sealey in 8th topped the E12T podium. Gethin Humphries was 9th and Mark Roberts completed the top ten.

Alex Walton put his recent European Championship experience to good use by winning the Experts class. Jay Thomas (Best E2) was runner up and Andrew Bisset. Jon Hunt 4th was the Best E1 4T and Richard Ely 6th was the Best E3. Brad Williams' 7th test was the wait in A&E after he went out over the bars. 

Harry Hillier-Rees E2 was the Best Clubman. Allyn Taylor was runner up and Max Ditchfield in 3rd was the Best E1 2T. Fred Adams 4th topped the E3s and Jake Purcell won the E1 4T.

Over 40s Andrew Edwards 1st, Richard Hay 2nd and Andrew Reeves 3rd, Over 50s Mark Houson 1st. Paul Davies and Paul Armstrong 3rd.

3 Women completed the course. Rosie Rowett 1st, Chloe Richards 2nd and Abi and Childs 3rd

Day 2 

The second day started with the first 2 riders flagged away at 9.00am. Overnight rain had drenched the course but Brad Freeman and Danny McCanney were once again riding shoulder to shoulder. They both won 4 tests. After 30 minutes test times it was Brad who again won the day by 9 seconds. Danny was the Best E2. Jack Edmondson in 3rd was the Best E1 2T. Jamie Lewis was 4th.and Josh Gotts was 5th. Lee Sealey in 6th was the Best E1 4T. 

Bradley King was the Best Expert and Jay Thomas was the runner up. Jon Hunt 3rd was the Best E1 4T, Kev Murray was 4th and Alex Walton was the Best E1 2T. Richard Ely was the Best E3. 

Spike Gilby topped the Clubman class. Fred Adams was 2nd and Max Ditchfield was 3rd. 

Andrew Edwards was the Best Over 40 ahead of Andrew Reeves and Russell Millward. The indestructible Mark Houson took the Over 50s award with Paul Davies 2nd and Paul Armstrong 3rd.

Only 2 Women were classified as finishers. Rosie Rowett was the winner and Chloe Richards was the runner up.

Speaking after the event John Kerwin said "I am pleased that this year's ACU British Enduro Championship round has gone so well. Thanks to everyone who gave Helmsley a second chance. I hope to see all here again next year".

Brad Freeman Photo: Andy Waters