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From Argentina to Romania

For the first time in it's history, an Argentinian team of riders will be participating in the Red Bull Romaniacs, The iconic test of Endurance will take place this year from the 25th to the 29th of July in Sibiu, Romania.

The team will be composed of 12 people: 6 riders, 2 journalists, 1 doctor, 2 Enduro Transmontaña rally promotors and assistants.

The “Argentinian Mission” as it is called in their home country, is traveling to Rumania to get to know the event from the inside, having the official media team Mototime taking responsibility of press coverage of the event, supported by the Transmontaña race to the world, a race held in Tucuman, Argentina in October, won by the American Mike Brown together with Luciano Benavides in 2015, being a unique competition for racing in couples and reuniting more than 1000 riders every year.

The team of riders that will take part in the event will compose of Mariano Maza, Daniel Dindorf, Leonardo Cadile, Gustavo Avendaño, Guillermo Vaira and Fernando Voltolini, who will be competing on 6 Betas RR300 assisted by Beta Boano from Italy and the Beta support from Argentina.