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Brad Freeman wins the 2017 Hafren

Llanidloes 29/30th July

With heavy overnight rain the 2017 Metzeler/John Paul Transport Ltd Hafren 2 Day Enduro in Llanidloes got off to a damp start. The first 2 riders were flagged away - by Clerk of the Course Rowan Jones - at 9.00am for the short ride along the banks of the Severn to the first test.

The club had put in a lot of work into the MX style course including logs jumps with a chicken run but the greatest challenge was the slick grass. The Championship class had 2 timed runs. Brad Freeman (E3) won the first by 4 seconds from Danny McCanney (E2) and 8 seconds ahead of Steve Holcombe (E3) . Holcombe won the second run and he pulled back 6 seconds. The riders then had a 5 mile road trip - through the centre of the picturesque Market town - to the long cross country test at Glyn Hafren. The source of the Severn was suitably wet. The XC at 5 miles was longer than most Hare & Hound courses. Steve Holcombe set the fastest time on his 3rd test before the field head off on the first of 3x30 mile laps of the vast Hafren forest. The old school going soon began to take it's toll. Danny McCanney lost power and 2 minutes. Joe Wootton's clutch began to slip and Fraser Flockhart had a battery fault. Mark Roberts was struggling with a knee injury and he opted for rest over exercise. Brad Freeman and .Steve Holcombe pushed each other on every test and Brad came away with the overall win by 1 second. Jamie Lewis (Best E2) was 3rd, Jack Edmondson 4th, Tom Sagar 5th and Josh Gotts 6th. Danny McCanney nursed his machine home to salvage a 7th. Dan Mundell was 8th. Alex Snow 9th and  Joe Wootton 10th. 

Alex Walton (E1/2) was the Best Expert. Bradley King (E2) was 2nd and Jay Thomas (E3) was 3rd. Jon Hunt in 8th was the best E1/4. Fred Adams (E3) topped the Clubman class ahead of Harry Hillier-Rees (E2) and Allyn Taylor. Former BEC Champion Juan Knight won the Over 40s on a 300 GasGas. Andrew Edwards was runner up and Grant Churchward was 3rd. The best Over 50 was Paul Davies. Colin Blunt was 2nd and Emlyn George 3rd. All 3 entries in the Women's class finished. Rosie Rowett1st, Ellie Cooke 2nd and Chloe Richards 3rd. 

On Day 2 the sun appeared between banks of threatening rain clouds. With a poor forecast and a deteriorating course the organisers made the sensible decision to cut a lap. Once again Brad Freeman and Steve Holcombe traded fast times and again Brad came off fastest. Steve Holcombe was runner up and Jamie Lewis 3rd. Daniel McCanney was 4th, Joe Wootton 5th, Tom Sagar 6th, Alex Snow 7th, Lee Sealey 8th, Gethin Humphreys 9th and Fraser Flockhart 10th. Jack Edmondson and Josh Gotts retired. 

Welsh ISDE team reserve Jay Thomas won the Expert class by 21 seconds from Alex Walton. Jordan Ridgway improved on his Day 1 performance to take 3rd . Brad Williams was 4th & Kevin Murray 5th. Harry Hillier-Rees flew the flag for the Maesteg Club with a win in the Clubman class, Fred Adams was 2nd and Allan Taylor pipped Max Ditchfield to 3rd. Rosie Rowett secured a double win in the Womens class and Ellie Cook took 2nd. Juan Knight also claimed a double in the Over 40ís. Andrew Edwards was runner up and Grant Churchward 3rd. Paul Davies doubled the Over 50ís ahead of Darren Osbourne and Paul Armstrong. The weather was authentically Welsh and the Hafren club once again rose to meet and defeat it, ResultsPhotos