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Fly-By Race Day for Lincolnshire Enduro Club

What a turn out of riders for LEC`s first August meeting at this very popular venue set in the middle of the Lincolnshire Wolds. 112 Riders started on the race line, that consisted of six woods & six freshly harvested fields. This made it a very fast track indeed with an average lap time of 20 minutes over a 6 1/2 mile course.

With a totally new track built straight after the fields had been cleared of all crops the conditions were dry with a bit of wind all day this created some dust being kicked up in the afternoon session. The woods did have some damp areas in the shade due to the recent days downpour, this made the going for some riders a bit sticky but with keeping their momentum going it all flowed very smoothly.

A big thanks must go out to the pilot of the Lancaster Bomber from BBMF Coningsby who gave the riders a low fly pass in the afternoon.

Placing are as follows:

Expert = 1st George Birchall (407), 2nd David Rushton (66) & 3rd Lee Hattersley (81)
Clubman = 1st Ollie Moses (22), 2nd Ryan Patrick (561) & 3rd Jody Stewart (78)
Over 40s = 1st Alec Owen (501), 2nd David Haith (317) & 3rd Gareth Lodge (106)
Over 50s = 1st Neil Tapper (7), 2nd Andrew Jackson (69) & 3rd Kevin Bartle (651)
Ladies = 1st Tara Hollingworth
Trail/Classic = 1st Terry Allen (50), 2nd Steve Langley (85) & 3rd Rob Ashton (313)
Sportsman = 1st Mark Lonsdale, 2nd Nick Whitehead & 3rd Michael Harris
Beginners = 1st Colin Nockles, 2nd Niall Bowker & 3rd Richard Grinling

Round 7 of Gear4/Moto4 Hare & Hound Series will be on 10/09/2017
Legbourne. LN11 8LR. All entries via ACU booking in service.