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Todd Kellett won last yearís HydroGarden Weston Beach Race three-hour adult solo race in emphatic style, and this year enjoyed a whirlwind close to his season by taking up the reins at the Hitachi KTM UK team and delivering his debut MX2 overall win at the British Motocross Championship in Blaxhall, Suffolk, rounding out the series in fifth position.

Kellettís beach win last year was a poignant one, as he battled lap after lap in motocross style for the full duration of the grueling race to come out victorious at the event, while also winning the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race Young Gun award for being the highest placed 19-year-old competitor in memory of Dan Horton-Tilley. Toddís brother Ty also finished in the top 10, and these two local lads from Langport have competed at Weston as a ritual for many years Ė of course many will know the story behind that made Toddís win so special. (In addition both brothers had competed in the quad and sidecar race the day before, to most this would appear somewhat bonkers.)

A regular in the British Motocross Championship, Todd was given the last-minute opportunity during the closing part of the season in the Hitachi KTM UK team, which is KTMís main entry in the British Motocross Championships, and had a dream first weekend in the MX2 class for the squad as he won his first ever British Championship moto, and with it took the overall victory, clearly repaying his team for their faith in him despite such little pre-preparation testing time. Todd will return to Husqvarna machinery with his sponsors St Blazey MX and SJ Hodder for this yearís HydroGarden Weston Beach Race event and he just canít wait to get going again.

ďLooking back on the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race, it was still a learning process last year. In the first two hours I was really comfortable, I didnít really know what position I was in and I was enjoying the event. In the last hour I worked out that I was in contention for a win, and knew that if I really, really wanted to win this I had to make it happen. I didnít push that hard until the last hour, and it was a weird sensation. You just have to go with the flow, and when the feeling is there youíve got to go for it.Ē

Itís clearly in the family, as Todd and Ty sign up to the event every year. They are well-supported by their parents, whom have also competed on the sands of Weston-Super-Mare. Winning the adult solo class is certainly something special, and something Todd will look to repeat again in 2017.

ďMy mum and dad have done the race on bikes, sidecars and quads, itís just down the road. Itís something we always do, like an end of year bash really. Weíve done it for so long, itís in the blood I guess. It was amazing, I won as a junior but to win as an adult really is a dream come true.Ē

ďI think for anyone racing Weston to come across that line is quite an achievement in itself. To be the first man over the line, is unbelievable. You canít even put it into words. But for every single rider who makes it to the end I think everyone deserves a pat on the back.Ē

For many the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race is incredibly tough, a three-hour battle from start to finish. Todd explains now itís a little easier on him from a fitness point of view, but itís still a huge buzz.

ďPersonally at the standard I am racing now I find it more of a race, but years ago when I was 15 in the big bike class I definitely found it really tough. For hobby racers it really is a struggle, itís a great test for them and itís a great experience. The whole weekend from Friday to Sunday everyone is just buzzing Ė and after the race on Sunday it feels like everyone is a bit sad they have to go home for work on Monday.Ē

ďFor Weston we donít really get the chance to do any specific training for it. For this year there is a gap at the end of the British series, so I might try and put some special level. All the riders are at good fitness so it wonít be that side that makes the difference, itís what is done on the day.Ē

ďIíve already entered for the quads. Weíve got a Can-Am 850 just bought. My main sponsor Stuart is coming in with me in the quads Ė heís not very confident for the big class in the solos, so itís nice for us to share it as a two-man team in the quads. I started last year, I was absolutely terrified. I hadnít really had much time on the quad so to go down that straight for the first time with maybe 600 other guys I was definitely very scared! I donít know if it will be me or him doing it this year, weíll see.Ē

Talking about his brother Ty, who also has enjoyed some fantastic results in the race despite hardly swinging a leg over a bike during the year, itís a special spectacle to see these two battle it out on track.

ďTy definitely doesnít spend a lot of time on the bike, and I think he must just find something special to go the extra mile at the beach race. Weíve done it for so long so even if youíre fit, or not fit or not on top of your game you just do it anyway. For Ty itís just a blast, and heís had some great results. Obviously doing it so many times you get some knowledge and experience, so itís very impressive to see what he can do.Ē

ďItís only half an hour or so from home a lot of friends and family come to watch. You can see a lot of people waving riding round and itís always good to have extra local support.Ē

Overall Todd, a qualified Barber who still works during his time away from training, has had a very special year and weíre all looking forward to seeing what he can do on the beach.

ďI was riding for St Blazey MX Husqvarna, it was good and I was enjoying it Ė we had some good results in the British and the European championship. Roger Magee approached me and offered me the opportunity to go to KTM, and I love the bike a lot. Itís been a blast Ė I had two days on the bike, went to Blaxhall and managed a fourth and first for the overall, which was definitely a dream come true. Not only for myself but also for the team.Ē

ďI ended the season in fifth in the ACU MX2 British Championship and 13th in the European Championship despite missing one round. Obviously, Iím looking forward to the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race where Iíll be riding my St Blazey MX / SJ Hodder Husqvarna, and while thereís a lot of experienced guys out there, weíll be pushing hard for a result.Ē