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Red Bull Sea to Sky - the most enjoyable Extreme Enduro race!

Wade Young dominates the Forest Race!

Sherco Factory rider Wade Young from South Africa showed an impressive performance at a dusty race day #2 at Red Bull Sea to Sky Edition 8 in Kemer. Britainís Jonny Walker scored a solid second place on his Factory KTM followed by his fellow countryman Billy Bolt on Husqvarna.

Race day #2 of Red Bull Sea to Sky - Edition 8 - took the riders on a 51km time trial in the foothills behind Kemer. The track was flowy with smooth single trails, gravel roads and some uphills but without really difficult sections. About 70% of the track was new compared with the track of Edition 7 the year before and sections such as the ďMagic ForestĒ and ďBoulder HeavenĒ were waiting for the riders. The Magic Forest was a rather challenging trail going through some big rocks and old trees where Ďslalom skillsí were required. In Bolder Heaven the race track lead through big boulders on a very beautiful trail. But most of the riders didnít really take the time to enjoy the scenic views because the results of the Forest Race determine the starting order for the Mountain Race and itís - as always - vital to get an early start to avoid dust and traffic jams.

The Race

Billy Bolt was the one to open the race having won the Beach Race the day before. Most definitely eager to add another victory the young British talent had obviously learned the lessons of the past years and didnít push too hard. Having had some bad crashes before he knew he would need to get to the finish of the Forest Race in one piece to not risk his chances for the main event, the Mountain Race tomorrow. It was Jonny Walkerís plan to push hard in the beginning to close the one minute gap on Billy at the start. And he did manage to close in on Billy and pass him. Once in the lead Jonny made no mistakes and crossed the finish line first.

But in the Beach Race itís not who crosses the finish line but the rider with the fastest riding time who wins the race. Wade Young was on fire today. Having had troubles in the Beach race yesterday Wade wanted to show a reaction and take advantage of his phenomenal speed on tracks like they were facing today. And the reaction was impressive. Wade finished almost two minutes faster than Jonny Walker who scored the second-best time and Billy Bolt was 3rd. 4th Graham Jarvis, 9th Paul Bolton, 20th Sam Winterburn, 23rd Mark Jackson, 26th Will Westgarth, 27th James Jackson, 28th David Wood, 29th Josef Westgarth, 34th Nathan Ball, 41st Mark Kirby, 55th Julian Rylance, 56th Brodie Heyes, 58th William Cornthwaite, 59th Darren Heyes, 77th Jamie Williams, 80th Paul Westgarth, 84th Gavin Hunt, 111th Murdo MacLarty, 117th Thomas Frayne and 144th Murray Shotter..

Best Turkish Riders & Mountain Race

The best Turkish riders were Bayram Uysal (Husqvarna) coming in on 19th, Emre Cosar (Husqvarna) in 36th and Cagri Aslan (Husqvarna) in 49th position.

The top 10 finishers of the Forest Race will start in the first row of the Mountain Race. The second row of ten riders will start 2 minutes after the first.

Quotes from the Top Riders

Wade Young: ĄIíve pretty much had a perfect run, kept it steady no crashes and very happy to finish 1st. Yesterday I had some troubles at the Beach Race, today everything went to plan. The track was pretty fast, nothing difficult but really tight. I enjoyed it and had a good flow. I tried to push a little harder at the beginning but then decided to just let the bike do itís job - thanks to my team, they did a great job to giving me a bike that was just perfect. Iíll start in the first row tomorrow. Itís good they took out the riverbed at the beginning so you donít need to race in the dust. What will be my strategy for tomorrow? Iíll see how the race will develop and take it from there - you have a few options but for sure Iím going for the top spot on the podium.ď

Jonny Walker: ĄIt was a good race, I was really happy with the bike and rode good. I pushed hard right after the start to catch Billy and nearly had a big crash. I did crash but I managed to somewhat save it so I didnít really lose that much time. After that I decided to take it a bit easier and still was able to catch Billy just after the tank stop. He made a mistake so I passed him. It was difficult to follow in the dust so I think the other guys might struggle a little. Iím really happy with the race even though it was not the fastest time. The plan for tomorrow is to win. Maybe I can push from start to finish but I see how it goes.ď

Billy Bolt: ĄThe track was really nice, quite fast and sketchy in places but really enjoyable. I opened the race and itís always difficult when thereís no track to follow really. I just tried to race my own race, not worrying too much about the other riders behind me. I had the feeling that Jonny was really pushing hard and this was true. I managed to stay with him for most of the race and about a minute behind Jonny isnít too bad of a time. That was my game plan and it worked pretty well. I managed to stay out of trouble and get into the finish in one piece not to risk anything for the big day tomorrow.ď

Graham Jarvis: ĄOverall Iíve had a good pace. The track was fast, nothing too difficult. There were a lot of single tracks and loose rocks so I reminded me to be a bit careful because the big race will happen tomorrow. I didnít crash but made a couple of mistakes and spent a lot of time in the dust from the riders ahead of me but apart from that I was feeling good. So for tomorrow at the Mountain Race I usually tend to increase the speed later in the race when itís getting more difficult but if I get a good start itíll be better.ď

Event Schedule

Beach Race
Thursday, September 28, 2017 Ė Start 9:00

Forest Race
Friday, September 29, 2017 Ė Start 9:00

Olympos Mountain Race
Saturday, September 30, 2017 Ė Start 9:00