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French Championship titles rain on Ambert

30th October/1st September 2017

The final round of the 2017 24MX French Enduro Championship took place in Ambert this weekend. The event was organised by the Livradois motorcycle club and their technical course became very challenging for both the riders and the organisers as it rained continuously throughout the first day. Never the less the best riders persevered and they were rewarded as the titles emerged from the mud. 

Despite Jérémy Carpentier's victory Jérémy Tarroux was crowned the new E1 champion of France. Loïc Larrieu won in E2 and he was crowned Champion of France. Thomas Dubost became the Junior Champion of despite the victory of Valérian Debaud. The E3 title was not decided but Christophe Nambotin recovered from his arm injury at the ISDE to win the day. In the women's class, Jessica Gardiner consolidated her position with another win.

On Day 2 the sun came out and the ground conditions improved.

In the E1 class Jérémy Carpentier (Yamaha-Ridercamp) again battled with Jérémy Tarroux (Sherco) and going into the final lap only a few seconds separated them but the new champion prevailed and Carpentier settled for 2nd and 3rd overall in the Championship. Julien Gauthier (Yamaha-B2R) was 3rd and he finished vice-champion of French E1 class. Jérémy Miroir (Husqvarna) missed out on 3rd following a crash on Day 1 that resulted in a wrist injury that forced him to abandon in the second round.

Loïc Larrieu (Yamaha - Outsiders) did not relax after his acquisition of E2 title and savor a quiet day. The four-time French champion once again topped the podium to record 10 wins out of 10 rides. Jérémy Joly (BETA) took second place on the day to endorse his position as vice-champion of France. Despite a shoulder injury Pierre Vissac finished the season on a high note with a 3rd ahead of Manu Albepart (Yamaha-Ridercamp) who took the 3rd step on the E2 Championship podium.

Christophe Nambotin (KTM) seized the E3 Champion of France with a hand full of pain. Romain Dumontier (Yamaha) was well on his way to take the second place until his chain derailed on the SP2 of the last lap and he dropped more than 40 seconds. Anthony Geslin (BETA) seized the opportunity and he won the 2nd place and Roman Dumontier was 3rd.

In the Juniors class Thomas Dubost took charge early in the day and ended it as French Champion. Day 1 winner Valerian Debaud (TM Racing) could not do anything to counter Dubost but he still finished in a very good second place. Sherco Academy rider David Abgrall was 3rd. Hugo Blanjoue (EEAT-Yamaha) sustained a foot injury and he could not defend this position.

Despite being thousands of miles from home, Australian Jessica Gardiner's main objective this season was to win the Enduro Woman's Championship of France. The plan could have gone wrong after a fall at Requista left her shoulder injury but the Yamaha rider clenched her teeth and managed a double victory in Ambert to secure the title. Juliette Berrez (Yamaha) joined on the podium in second place and Samantha Tichet (Yamaha) fwas 3rd.

E1 Championship standings

1 Jérémy Tarroux - 177 Pts, 2 Julien Gauthier - 152 Pts, 3 Jérémy Carpentier - 136 Pts

E2 Championship standings

1 Loïc Larrieu - 200 Pts, 2 Jérémy Joly - 160 Pts, 3 Manu Albepart - 138 Pts

E3 Championship standings

1 Christophe Nambotin - 182 Pts. 2 Romain Dumontier - 168 Pts. 3 Anthony Geslin - 139 Pts

Junior Championship standing

1 Thomas Dubost - 160 Pts 2 David Abgrall - 119 Pts, 3 Hugo Blanjoue - 115 Pts

Women's Championship standings

1 Jessica Gardiner - 180 Pts 2 Samantha Tichet - 169 Pts 3 Juliette Berrez- 152 Pts

Manufacturers Championship standings

1 KTM - 342 Pts, 2 BETA - 318 Pts, 3 SHERCO - 276 Pts

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