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1500 Riders Tackle the 2017 Transmontaña in Argentina.

Once again the Rally Enduro Transmontaña Race in Argentiain is going to break records with more 1300 riders registered with 5 days to go including KTM Factory Alfredo Gómez, plus Deny Phillipaerts and Matteo Cavallo of Beta Boano Racing. and even the possibility that 2015 winner Mike Brown will return..

The race, which takes place in pairs, will have the Spanish international Alfredo Gómez pairing with the Argentine national championship Fernando Correa (KTM Freytes Motorsports), while the Italians Phillipaerts and Cavallo, will do with the current champion of the Transmontaña Cristian Arriegada (Beta Argentina Patagonia) and regional champion Diego Llanos (Beta Argentina Mezher Factory Race).

The mega event takes place on October 7 and 8 in the city of Tucumán, in the north of Argentina and is set to break the record for 2016 with 1,160 participants. The winners of the last two editions were Mike Brown (Husqvarna USA) alongside Luciano Benavides (KTM Factory) in 2015 and Cristian Arriegada alongside Marcos Giustozzi (Beta Argentina) in 2016.

The competition is developed through 150 km of enduro by the beautiful and demanding mountains of Tucuman, starting at El Cadillal and arriving in the valley of La Sala, distant 40 km from the capital of the region, disputed exclusively in pairs of 2 riders or teams of 3 or 4 riders.

The Beta Boano Racing riders are already teaching courses in Buenos Aires and Alfredo Gomez will arrive in the next few hours.


Report: Mariano Maza (MOTOTIME ARGENTINA)
Photos Boano: Andres Escars