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Graham Jarvis wins Valley's Xtreme

Graham Jarvis started his 2018 season in the best possible way with a win in the Valley's Xtreme at Walter's Arena near Glyneath. 

Heavy rain and high winds battered South Wales all week as storms Dylan and Eleanor swept across South Wales but on Saturday morning the calm after storm settled on Walter's Arena for the first day of the Valley's Xtreme. 160 riders took up the challenge and registered. The organisers also took up the challenge of clearing the fallen trees on the access road. 

Valleys Xtreme is the UK's only 2 Day Hard Enduro. Day 1 consists of a Timed Trial to determine the starting order for the 2 Sunday races. There were 2 loops and each rider could complete 2 timed tests on each loop after sighting laps. 

Sam Winterburn  - part of a 6 strong Eurotek KTM team - set the fastest time despite the icy conditions. Graham Jarvis got straight done to business on his new 250 FE 4 stroke and he posted the 2nd fastest time. Chris Windle practices at Cowm Quarry and he was 3rd. Local rider Kip Herring was 4th and Eurotek KTMs Sam Ludgate was 5th. Andrew Bisset 6th and Ben Wibberley 7th. The 2017 ACU Expert Extreme Champion Matthew Jones on a new Wayne Mounter KTM was 8th. Charlie Frost came to Wales still fired by a win at Foxborough. He was 12th. Grant Churchward was 26th and he just missed the front row cut. Podium favourite Paul Bolton had a gear box problem and he was a non starter. 

Ryan "Rooster" Nightingale was the quickest qualifier for the Sunday morning race. Paul Armstrong was runner up and Patsy Quick was 3rd. Paul Davies qualified in 22nd but he aggravated a shoulder injury and he would not take part in the main race.

On Sunday a cold wind from the North East blew over the Beacons. The sky was clear but there was little warmth from the low sun. The 2 hour morning race started at 9.00am. Organiser Nick Plumb staggered the start by walking along the line and releasing each rider as he passed. Patsy Quick retired early when the pin on her front caliper snapped. German rider Toni Pampel was the only competitor to complete the required 2 laps and win a Gold medal. He said " Absolutely awesome event in South Wales, UK. Great terrain and warm people. I will be back in 2019!

The 3 hour main race began at 12 noon. Sam Winterburn was the early leader as the field headed off to the first of 4 checks per lap. By the half way point of the first lap Graham Jarvis had taken the lead and he completed the required 3 laps in just over 2 hours to win. Sam Winterburn was runner up. He said "I am happy with 2nd today behind the master. It was a really enjoyable event and a good start to the extreme season". Chris Windle was 3rd. Charlie Frost was 4th, He said "I was very chuffed to have come away with 4th overall at the Valleys Extreme Enduro 2018. I was holding 3rd position all the way up until the last 10 minutes when I made a wrong line choice in the final No Help Zone and Chris passed me for the final podium spot Well ridden line tho mate, Thanks to Mark Jackson for his support ", Eurotek team mate Sam Ludgate was 5th.