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“Freezing conditions but lovely bright blue skies where the order of the day at last Weekends WOR Events Wulfsport Winter Enduro series rd 2. The Bullet proof forest near Bala once again providing a proper winter enduro venue that required skill and respect to navigate the 7.5-mile lap forest roads and terrain.

Solo Race:

Some riders where better at it than others as Owain Humphreys on his CF Racing FE350 demonstrated by simply dominating the event with ease as he mastered the tricky conditions and topped the event with a very comfortable margin in the solo race. Ryan Shacklady on his Gas Gas 300 kept Owain honest for a good chunk of the race until a crash cost him a foot peg and a brake lever at the hour mark whilst chasing down Humphreys back wheel. Shacklady’s DNF then promoted Young Robert Francom into a solid 2nd overall in the Experts as he continues to develop into a genuine Expert class Hare Scrambles rider. Ben Martindale has now moved up to the Experts and took third spot with a nice ride on his 250 f Husky making it a 1/2/3 for CF racing Husqvarna’s in that class. Humphreys and Francom completed 8 laps each with Martindale on 7. Darren Skillin was top Exp vet on 7 laps.

The 10 am start for the solo race was a 2hr affair and blasting off the start to make a superb job of the race was Top Clubman and in fact 2nd Overall in the race, Steve Mercer, the TT racer that once again made the long journey up from Kent to support the WOR events and satisfy his fill of quality racing. Mercer is improving with every ride and his determination and skill will see him do as well in this game as he has done blasting around the Isle of Man at 200 mph. Mercer left the rest of the Clubman class in his wake on 8 laps as Runner Up, Gareth Jones and Elgan Williams in third battled hard with some nice fast, smooth riding on 7 laps each.

Local Rider Euro Jones was back after a long lay off and still with a dodgy knee managed to top the Clubman Vets with 7 laps and 1minute and 2 seconds victory over Runner Up, Henry Righton. 3rd spot in the Club Vets went to Brian Wilson matching the top two riders on 7 circuits to his credit.

Duncan Humphrey is the man to beat in the Over 50’s in this current series and after his win at Round one back in November he played a steady game and bided his time to take the lead from early leader, Andrew Maben, whom again had travelled along way down from Scotland for the event. Duncan on his 250f Husky topped the group from Runner Up, Gareth Jones by 1 minute and 1 second with Maben eventually taking 3rd 45 seconds adrift of Jones with all 3 on 7 laps each to their credit.

Rich Zealand was the main man in the Sportsman class as he completed 7 laps and had a 1 minute and 20 second odd advantage over second placed Matthew Mills. Mills in turn had 25 seconds in his favour over the bronze placed class finisher, Gary Hicks. All the top 4 sportsmen completing 7 laps.

Sportsman Vets victory went to Jason Clarke as he put in a performance that would have easily won him the Clubman vets and placed him almost 14 minutes and a complete lap ahead of the ever-improving Rob Parry. Clarke is on the up and a promotion up the classes is surely his for when the big new WOR championships kick off in March. 3rd placed Anthony Foulkes was his usual podium placed self, with a steady and assured ride on his 28th Birthday ..Best wishes to Anthony. Clarke and Parry completed 7 laps with Foulkes on 6.

Hayden Rainford and Frank Skillin battled 5 laps each in the Youth with Rainford coming out on top by nearly 4 minutes in the battle of the little 85cc Husqvarna’s.

Riley Canterbury easily won the Novice group with a nice 6 lap ride and a 10-minute advantage over runner up Phil Park with Young Local Rider Dillon Emyr doing brilliant to achieve his first proper podium. All 3 top Novice finishing on 6 laps.


At 1 pm a very healthy line up of quads took to the start line for a 2-hr battle of the same tricky, winter Enduro track and as always they attacked the event with determination an d speed coupled with the skill of keeping them very fast and heavy machines floating over the Enduro terrain that was thrown at them. Martin Benbow and John Robson are old quad fighting mates and rivals from the past and this race was so close between them from start to finish. Both completed 7 laps each and only 3 second separated them at the end of the bitterly cold battle. Dean Foster shows he is worthy of his Expert class ranking now as he completed 7 laps and took 3rd spot in this 4x4 Expert Class. Bradley Price was the only 2wd Expert out and duly completed 6 laps to take the gold.

4x4 Clubman where on top form and it was great to see Stuart Marley back and topping the group with a 3-minute advantage over the ever-improving Sean Wealleans with both riders on 7 laps each. Danny Gilligan was on 6 laps to take the Bronze podium placing in that class. All riders in the group coping well with the trying conditions.

The 4x4 Lites is a growing group of riders and it was Derek Burns with a 2-minute advantage over Runner Up, Kev Jones with Lathan Pritchard in 3rd place that organised their podium. 6 laps being the score for the race for them.

Andy Homer was top man in the 2wd Clubman and he was the only rider in class to complete 6 laps. Runner Up was Neil Sweeny with Lee Carpenter in a solid 3rd place.

Top marks to all the quad Guys and Girls for a solid ride in the winter conditions. WOR Events next round of the Winter series is on February 18th and the 4th and final round will be on March 4th.

WOR wish to as always thank the land owners, staff, medics, caterers, sponsors but most of all the Riders for supporting the events and making them happen. Happy new year and here is to a cracking season ahead.