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Report: Keith Williams

Neil Roberts was the winner of WOR Events Inaugural Special Test Sprint Enduro last Sunday at the Club’s weatherproof Bala Forestry woodlands. A turn out of 60 riders enjoyed the new format of a simple play and practice session starting at 10.30am for 1.5hrs on the 5-mile lap, doing as many or as little “play laps” as they wanted before they all had a segment of 5 individual timed special tests of the course they had been familiarising themselves with earlier in the morning. To get the results was then easy, WOR simply collated all the 5 test times together to make an overall score and the winner was the rider with the least time against the clock over the designated 5 competition laps.

Clubman winner Luke Woodland

To say the riders enjoyed it would be an understatement as the feedback and emails and messages back to WOR HQ have been extremely nice and positive towards the event. Riders need to keep an eye out for more of these styles of events, starting with the next one, The Nail Biter, on Saturday June 2nd as part of the WOR Extremism Enduro series, although it won’t be too extreme at all, it just lends its format into the series and a few technical sections in the woods will create a challenging special test indeed. More news on this soon.

Having entered the Clubman class initially, Neil Roberts was moved up to Experts by Race Director, Steve Ireland, after having seen Roberts Test Times and the nature of the format it was easy to promote the very smooth and fast Husqvarna mounted Roberts to the higher class and in fact the overall win by 23 seconds over almost 25 miles from Runner Up, GasGas UK mounted Ryan Shacklady. Aled Humphreys took the last podium slot in 3rd place with a further 29 seconds adrift of Shacklady.

Top Clubman was Luke Woodland whom used some good tactics to leave his last 2 laps till most folk had finished in order to have a clearer lap to himself. Luke topped the group by a comfortable 2.5 mins from Runner Up, Sam Morris with Bronze placed Matt Svennsson a further 19 seconds adrift of Morris.

Jason Clarke, Steve Cranshaw and Jonathon Turley took the 1,2, 3 respectively in the VETS A with Anthony Foulkes, Nigel Lynn and Keith Jones doing the same in the VETS B group. Fastest Over 50 was Mark Plain, followed home by Gareth Jones. Plain with a 4 minute and 15 second advantage over the duration.

Top Sportsman was Joe Roberts from Runner Up, Young Sion Hughes and Steven Jones in 3rd place.

Luke Ames topped the Novice category from Lee Anderton and Alan Bridge in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Alan Bridge doing his first competitive event since moving up and over from WOR’s Saturday Playdays and enjoying every minute of his first competitive outing.

Running another format and style of off dirt biking just adds to WOR’s arsenal of events and with some fantastic venues to try this format at over the year ahead, it looks like Special Test Sprints are here to stay for the WOR team and its Riders.

WOR as always would like to thank all involved with the running of the event from the medics, caterers, Photographer, Staff and especially to the riders for coming to support the new format and getting behind the event.

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