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Record Breaking Day for LEC

It's probable that there weren't that many off road bikes parked up in Lincolnshire garages at the weekend. The reason ? Most of them would have been at the record breaking LEC enduro race at Ashby Puerorum, Horncastle. Not only did the 176 riders break the club record for entries (and the venue record), it was also the biggest field ever for an ACU East Midlands event. Given that the clubs first two 2018 races were called off due to the so called "Beasts from the East", it's probable that most riders were champing at the bit to get their race faces on and sit on the start line. In the end, conditions on the day were nigh on perfect, and given the gloomy weather in the past few weeks, the 7 mile track was surprisingly dry in most places. (Riders going off line in the places which were wet however would have found themselves in a 3 metre high jungle of miscanthus grass. Probably not recommended !) The track consisted of some fast sections through fields, the odd man made section, a few wooded areas, and the moto x area.

Only a rain shower in the last 15 minutes of the 3 hour race took the edge off a dry morning. By then, its probably true to say that a few guys were dropping by the wayside due to it being the first race after a long winter lay off. (Especially as it was a change from the normal two 90 minute "sprints" !)

First blood in each class fell to George Birchall (Experts), Sam Followell (Clubmen), Craig Dodd (Sportsman 2T), Rich Summerbell (Sportsman 4T), Andrew Jackson (Over 50's), Darren Bedford (Over 40's), Kev Bartle (Trail/Classic), Robert Harmston Hall (beginners).

Pictures are as follows; Jay Brooker exiting the water splash. (Expert, no 166);

Bradley Tapper taking flight (Sportsman, no 9);

Shaun Avison about to take up that well known Lincolnshire pastime, "Bike bog snorkelling" ! (Trail and classic rider no 374)

All photos courtesy of Terri Saunders

The next race is at Willingham on the 13th of May. Full details of that can be found at the clubs facebook page.
All the clubs rules and regs are on there too.
Entries will be available on the ACU website as normal