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Who's the Daddy?
Mitchel Troy
Sunday 13th May

The historic town of Monmouth basked in bright sunshine this weekend as a fitting backdrop for the first round of the 2018 Wales and West EC Summer Series at Troy Farm.

Clerk of the Course Glen Thomas flagged the full entry of 150 riders away at a few minutes after 11.00 am. Rhys Davies on a Beta took the holeshot before disappearing into wooded section that ran along the bank of the river closely followed by Dean Edwards (KTM).

The 5 mile course at Troy Farm consists of technical woodland sections and flat out rabbit runs along the hedge rows. There was also the option of a challenging Hard section that crossed a stream in a steeply sided gully.

For 2 hours Davies and Edwards battled for the lead seemingly unaware of the silent menace of Derek Bawn closing on them in 3rd like the shark in Jaws and - with 40 minutes to go - he took the lead. It has become a familiar story but at Troy Farm there was to be a twist. Crossing the stream in the gully for the last time Derek's Husqvarna faltered. He was running out of petrol. Seizing the moment Rhys and Dean passed Derek to finish first and second but Derek is a Bawn Enduro rider. He swallowed his disappointment and he pushed his Husqvarna a good half mile to take third. Supervets Grant Churchward and Paul Biggs took full advantage of the Hard Gully to clock up 14 laps and finish 4th and 5th overall. 

Full report to follow.