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"The Willingham woods area in the Lincolnshire Wolds usually attracts motorcyclists of the road going variety. (To the unimaginatively named "Willingham woods cafe" !)

Sunday played host to the off road community though with round two of LECs 2018 Moto4/Gear4 championship. Once again, with 157 entries, the club broke the record for the number of riders at this hillside venue.

As forecast, the first race dealt riders some very slippery (some would say impossible) conditions with the major rainfall that came through the area overnight. Typical that it had been dry for many days leading up to the weekend but truth be known, the rain did go some way to damp down a lot of the dust that had been witnessed during the 6 mile course building in weeks previous.

Slightly easier going was to be had in race two however. When the sun put in an appearance, it may not have helped to dry out the wooded sections at all but lap times in the afternoon suggest the areas in and across the fields were drying out nicely.

The extra warmth was a blessing too on the man made "Greasy Pole" section of the course. These poles were placed at anything other than perpendicular to the race route and probably provided "entertainment" for the spectators. There was however much swearing afforded from the non religious riders amongst us !!

As it was only round two of the 2018 series, nobody has got their nose in front in any class as yet. That may alter after round three though. Watch this space as they say !

Winners of each class were as follows.
Experts.. Mathew Thompson
Clubmen... Jason Cowlishaw
Sportsman (2T)... Carl Gordon
Sportsman (4T).. Nicholas Saunby
Over 40's... Simon Howden
Over 50's...Nigel Ross.
Trail and Classic class. Kev Bartle
Beginners...Jack Gibson.

The clubs next race is at the ever popular Ashby Peurorum near Horncastle on the 10th of June. Full details of that and the club can be found at LECs Facebook site CLICK HERE

The pictures are as follows. Gawaine Clarke (No 15) on his way to a top ten finish in race one (Sportsman 2T). Josh Wilson (No 467...Top ten overall...Sportsman 2T). Last but not least Robert Harmston-Hall (No 49) and Darren Ella (No 555) playing "Mud Pies" in the Sportsman 4T class.

Photos as always by Terri Saunders"
Report Martin Southwick