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ROUND THREE - 10th June 2018

Report Roger Chaplin
Photos Anthony Ridge

Round three of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/ACU Eastern Enduro Championship took place last Sunday at the Blaxhall International Moto Cross venue and the organisers, Woodbridge Motor Cycle Club laid out a good and challenging course using parts of the MX track and combined the wooded areas. This event was run on the Sprint format which was introduced last year and proved very popular.

In the Championship Class the battle was between Luke Parker and Jason Morland and during the first six runs Parker led by 10 seconds but Morland hit back and reduced this to 3 seconds and then on the 7th run took over the lead by 3 seconds. During the final runs the lead changed hands several times with Parker falling off twice on the logs in the woods losing valuable seconds, then Morland struggled on other parts of the course and it was anybodies win. For the last run Parker put in a great effort to secure the win by 3.78 seconds over Morland. Third place went to Myles Saunders riding in the Championship Class for the first time this year who was 3 minutes and 11 seconds behind the winner while Will Hughes was 4th 1.2 seconds behind Saunders. Nine times Champion Chris Hockey pulled himself up to 5th place. Provisionally after three rounds Parker has 60 point, Morland 47 and Hughes 29.

Jack Berry had the best time in the first run over Tommy Clark and James Barker and look to extend his lead over the remaining runs but Barker, who was geed up before the start by his Club President, had other ideas and chipped away at Berry’s lead eventually putting himself ahead. Meanwhile Clark was putting in some good times winning a few rounds which leaded to an exciting finish which Barker secured the win being 8.61 seconds faster than Clark which left Berry in 3rd place. Ross Taylor was 4th, Jack Nicolaou 5th and George Eustace 6th. Berry still leads the Class on 41 points from Barker 33 and Eustace 27.

Contest Sponsor Gavin Hockey managed at last to win a round of the Expert Veteran Class beating Michael Ridge by 1 minute 6.16 seconds with Phil Roper in 3rd place.

Once again Rob Aldridge was supreme taking the win in the Clubman Class while 15 year old Jake Roper surprised everyone finishing 2nd after fighting his way from 3rd place which Dan Hunt took. William Jurgens was 4th, Ben Beadle 5th and George Wolfe 6th. Paul Owen came out the winner in the Clubman Veteran Class with Kevin Webb 2nd, Andy Peck 3rd, Jason Carsboult 4th, Dean Curry 5th and Steve Youngs 6th.

Andy Mason lead most of the runs in the Clubman Super Veteran Class but towards the end Gene Womack put in some good times which at the end of the day secured him the win by 24.09 seconds with Mason 2nd and Steve Finch 3rd who could have taken the win had his bike not stalled on the first run which cost him nearly two minutes.


Championship Class : 1st Luke Parker 1h 16m 10.63s, 2nd Jason Morland 1h 16m 14.41s, 3rd Myles Saunders 1h 19m 21.71s, 4th Will Hughes 1h 19m 22.91s 18.17 laps, 5th Chris Hockey 1h 19m 56.09s.

Expert Class: 1st James Barker 1h 17m 39.23s, 2nd Tommy Clark 1h 17m 47.84s, 3rd Jack Berry 1 h 18m 15.79s, 4th Ross Taylor 1h 18m 15.90s, 5th Jack Nicolaou 1h 19m 33.74s.

Expert Veteran Class: 1st Gavin Hockey 1h 19m 56.38s, 2nd Michael Ridge 1h 21m 2.54s, 3rd Phil Roper 1h 21m 41.49s, 4th Paul Spurgeon 1h 23m 29.17 s and 5th Christian Drain 1h 24m 32.74s..

Clubman Class: 1st Rob Aldridge 1h 0m 45.11s, 2nd Jake Roper 1h 01m 56.79s, 3rd Dan Hunt 1h 02m 9.56s, 4th William Jurgens 1h 3m 29.71s, 5th Ben Beadle 1h 4m 10.36s

Clubman Veteran Class: 1st Paul Owen 1h 4m 52.59s 2nd Kevin Webb 1h 5m 50.35, 3rd Andy Peck 1h 5m 56.76s, 4th Jason Carsboult 1h 6m 6.30s, 5th Dean Curry 1h 6m 26.08s.

Clubman Super Veteran Class : 1st Gene Womack 1h 5m 12.62s, 2nd Andy Mason 1h 5m 36.71s, 3rd Steve Finch 1h 6m 5.06s 4th Graham Mays 1h 6m 48.38s, 5th Gary Drage 1h 7m 51.7s.