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The second round of the G H Motorcycles/G & B Finch Aggregates Youth Hare and Hounds race took place at Little Hadham Herts after the main adult event. Although only an entry of six riders the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club pressed ahead as they are keen to promote 12 – 16 year old events. Four previous competitors Max Day, Archie Gunton, Joe Phillips and Jake Roper have reached the ages of 15 and 16 and are very keen and want to ride in Adult meetings, Georgia Potter is now competing in the Young Women Championships and some of the previous riders were at other meetings.

All six lined up ready for the start then had to run to their machines for the one hour endurance in the Woods at Little Hadham which included the notorious bog. It was close riding for the first half hour and could have been anyone’s race; however Will Belton showed his experience and controls the later stages of the race taking the win having completed 21 laps. There was a scrap for the next three places all three finishing on 19 laps but Cullen Hawkins headed the trio followed by Barnaby Knight riding in his first event then Billy Sargeant who only managed a quarter of a lap at the last event but this time riding only his second event bettered that with 4th. Evan Herbert secured 5th on 18 laps with Jemma Sargeant who managed 14 laps on this hot, gruelling and sunny day.

The final order 1st Will Belton 21 laps, 2nd Cullen Hawkins 19 laps, 3rd Barnaby Knight 19 laps, 4th Billy Sargeant 19 laps, 5th Evan Herbert 18 laps, 6th Jemma Sargeant 14 laps.