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Ben Saville Ride Day at Rogers Hill Raceway

A big well done to all who turned out and braved the heat on Saturday, especially those who still had enough left in the tank to party. The event was to celebrate the life of Ben Saville, Dorsetís own personal buddha. Ben had the skills on a bike that most could only dream of, but spent a lot more time helping and encouraging others, to quote him, ďno matter how slow you go, youíre still lapping everyone on the sofaĒ.

Now to the race, with a good line up of champs riders, Brad King took a perfect hole shot on a 12 year old kx250, he was out riding for fun but still took fourth behind Rich Tucker, Ricky Wiggins and Tom Elwood who took the overall win, nice one!

In the expert class Josh player took off like a rat up a drain pipe and thought he had run away with it but was being stalked by James Ford who got past on the pitstop and took the win. Brett Rowland was close behind in third proving that his move up to expert was a good one!

In the mature expert class, Ross Sturmey proved that age is just a number by childishly shouting go causing a false start for the champs class, wouldnít be the same without him though! Andy Frost showed his class and was never challenged. Stan ĎDakarí Watt wasnít scared to take chances in the dust and placed a strong second with Jack Twentyman leading the rest of us in and holding off Steve Harding, riding Benís number 43 and the last rider to complete 11 laps.

Clubman A was a close battle with a lot of them all completing 10 laps, it was won by Ricky Good who was 22nd overall, so well on the pace! Paul Feltham was second with Harry Neal very close behind in third, good to see him celebrating his podium at the after party.

The clubman B start was an eventful one, with Nick Gifford having a big off but still carrying on and earning himself the buddha trophy because of that. However, James Richards had a blinding start and held off a late challenge by Charlie white, with both managing 10 laps. Ben Ashcroft rounded off the podium in third.

In the old fellas clubman class, which was the biggest and most competitive class, Chris Marsh, Euan Harrison and Rob Smith all battled hard with Chris taking the top spot. Phil Davies was pushed into fourth and all four managed a highly competitive 10 laps.

In the sportsman class Sam Agar was first with Craig Robinson, Stefan Pratt close behind all on 9 laps. A huge well done to Ollie Saville who finished his first race on a hugely respectable 7 laps, making the whole Rogershill Team very proud.

Due to the heat the extreme race didnít have the interest we were hoping for, but it was a great laugh. Richard Tucker was the clear winner making himself untouchable round the tricky climbs and tight woodland. Neil Hawker and Brad King played to the crowds with a fair few dirty passes and artistic lines.

The evening party and the raffle combined raised £1170, thanks to the heat everyone was very thirsty! Special mention to Pete Coles whose clerk of course duties wore him out, meaning he was fast asleep in front of the stage at 8pm, nothing to do with beer!

A massive thank you to all the Daveís, the Paulís, the Bradís, Ivan, Stan, Boycey, Stevo and Abbie for track laying. Thank you to Progrip, future racing, Poole Kawaski and Claire for the raffle prizes. Thank you to Grandad Mel and Kara for keeping the beer flowing, that was kindly supplied at a discount by the Piddle Brewery.