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2019 Sherco Launch

The fastest growing company in the offroad motorcycle industry

SHERCO are the fastest growing off road motor cycle manufacturer and having started their production in 1999 they are also the youngest off road factory in the world. It is for this reason they are primarily concentrating their competition efforts with the same young image. They run a 125 Academy in enduro which is going from strength to strength. Results say it all and their results in the World Youth Enduro Championship speak volumes where they have consistently had five of the top seven at each of the rounds to date. Heading their efforts in this class is British rider Dan Mundell who pairs up with Jack Edmondson, previous Youth World Champion, who is competing in the Junior Enduro Championship on a 3.0 Factory SEF. In extremes they very much concentrate their efforts on Mario Roman from Spain and Wade Young from South Africa where their results this year have been nothing other than impressive.

With the future very much in mind they recently moved premises to a new state of the art factory five times larger than their existing unit so they are thinking ahead to a bright future with an ever increasing share of the market. Having started as a purely trials manufacturer they branched out into enduro in 2003 and since that time they have increased their turnover year on year and now export to 66 countries.

Sherco are certainly a young, innovative company who move the goal posts year on year, using their riders to make important improvements found during competition to bring the customer a top quality machine. Whether for championship competition, the ever-popular Hare and Hound events, trailing or for green lanes all models of Sherco will be more than up to the task.

As the first enduro manufacturer to get the fuel injection in a four stroke engine to work right from the very start this market is well established and the 3.0 SEF is known as being an awesome piece of machinery. This was a bold step for Sherco boss Marc Teissier at the time but rather than try to develop the fuel injection himself Magneti Marelli offered to do the development for them and hence the success from the outset. On the two stroke front they were certainly behind the opposition on development but during the past three years they have been grafting and testing a new power valve system which has now bought the 250 and 300 2T in line with their four stroke range as a very high quality machine.

One change during the 2019 season will be the introduction of both the Race and the Factory models from the start of production. This will give riders the opportunity to decide the best option for themselves, weighing up the difference in specifications and prices. These will be the only two models available from 2019 onwards. Importers, Malcolm Rathmell Sport, will have their first batch of 125, 250 and 300 2T along with the 250 and 300 4T by the beginning of August at the latest.