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WOR Events ran the Wildcard Hare Scramble for the Putoline NHS series last Sunday with Wild being a very apt name considering the wild wind ad torrential rain storms that powered their way through this idyllic Shropshire mountain range. This was a new track for WOR in the sleepy village of Picklescott with a 3-mile lap of varying terrain, a gnarly ups and downsy valley littered with stones, bracken and bogs was then mated with a rolling filed section of nearly a couple of miles with plenty of speed and braking involved on slippery corners and grass type special test terrain. A small and twisty forest section was also in the mix allowing riders to really enjoy the fun lap WOR had thrown together for them.

The Kids Race: 9:00 am 1HR.

Starting the day off was the kids race and simply horrendous weather faced these brave little souls as they took on a small grass track based enduro circuit. Each rider deserved a medal, and indeed will all get a unique one made for them for collection at the next kids race as Steve Ireland declared them all superb for riding in the sideways rain and powerful winds. Lap after lap was completed by the 3 classes, 8-9’s, 10-11’s and 12-13’s with some of them getting around with some really stylish performances.

Sam Hughes (21 LAPS) in the 12-13 group was onfire and revelling in the Gnarly conditions as he blasted off from the start and was unstoppable as he whacked in a clear lap advantage over the hour race from his Runner Up challenger, Cynan Jones (20 laps). Both Hughes and Jones where mounted on KTM 85 Big Wheelers and both pushed their machines to their limits. 3rd place went to Husky mounted Morgan Williams whom is improving with every race and deserved his podium slot.

Alfie Barber was again the top rider in the 10/11’s as he blasted out 17 laps with Laiton Brewster in 2nd place on 16 laps and 3rd placed Aled Owen doing awesome to complete 15 laps and take the final spot on the Podium.

Jayden Jones in the 8-9’s is simply flying and a level above the other kids in his age group. Jones completed 18 Laps on his little Husky and was a full 2 laps ahead of Runner Up Tomos Jones. Tomos (16 laps) was doing brilliant too as he keeps improving and looked to have his mojo back and was using his new-found lines from the David Knight Training day (previous day) to keep the little KTM 65 lit up around the slippery course. 3rd place was Austin Sandford on 14 laps. Like stated earlier all riders did brilliantly and the podium was a lovely place to be as the youngsters all got a special mention and a big round of applause as they collected their trophy’s.

The ADULT Race 11am till 1pm. 2hrs.

11am Sharp had the Adults away for 2hrs to take on the full course with the valley and the woodlands bought back into play. The track was slippery, but the wind and rain were not as brutal as the kids had had to endure. The track needed to be attacked if a good result was to be had and that’s exactly what Charlie Frost (KTM 2t) did... Attack, Attack, Attack from the start. Ben Martindale (Husky 250f) Holeshot and indeed led the entire first lap before the hard charging Frost came bursting through to the front and continued to pull away. At the end of 2hrs it was a score of 18 Laps and a 6 minute and 58 second advantage over Runner Up, Jack Ditchfield.

Ditchy on his trusty Yam 250 2t was the only other rider to match Frost’s 18 laps and was going well as he upped his pace mid race to dispose of Steve Hughes into the 3rd podium spot. Hughes on 17 Laps was back in form and going well on his 250f Husky and it was nice to see him back on the podium in the Expert class.

Top Over 40 A was Lincoln Brewster (KTM), now getting back into some sort of fitness and form himself as he completed 17 Laps and a brilliant 4th Overall as he took a 1 minute and 47 second advantage over Daz Skillin(Husqvarna) in 2nd place. Daz was going really well after a poor start and passed lots of riders in a very neat and determined display of riding to secure the silver spot on the podium ahead of John Shirt in 3 rd spot on 16 laps on his GASGAS 300 2t.

Archie Collier (HUSKY 125) continues to get quicker and quicker and put in superb Clubman class winning ride to complete 17 laps and a fine 7th Overall as he had healthy 2 minute and 15 second gap over Runner up, Mr Consistent, Paul Engerlen (KTM) also on 17 laps. Third placed Clubman went to Richard Wozencraft on 16 laps. Richard would have matched the 17 laps of the two front runners in class but a bit of stop in one of the bogs in the valley held him back a bit, all in the fun of Enduro.

Chris Wagstaff blasted his Yamaha to 16 laps in the Over 50 class and another comfortable win as Lee Sephton (Husqvarna 350) was on 15 laps as was third placed podium rider, Gareth “Rhug” Jones (Husqvarna 250f). Sephton having an almost 3-minute advantage over Jones at the end of the 2hr battle.

Over 40’s B victory went to Anthony Foulkes as he managed to beat his main Rival and good mate, Paul Lightfoot into second place with a 58 second advantage, both riders having completed 15 Laps. Round out Vets ‘B podium on 14 laps to his credit was Nigel Lynn making it a Husqvarna 1/2/3 at the sharp end of the results.

Adam Bates took the win in the Sportsman class on his Husky 250f and it was a well-deserved result too as he came from dead last off the line and hunted down Sportsman leader Thomas Lawton (KTM) and made a last lap pass to take the win by a narrow 32 seconds. 3rd place on the podium went to Adam’s son, Will Bates, matching the top two on 15 laps on his Husky 2t but a good 4 minutes down on Lawton.

Jack Hawkins topped the Novice with a result that would have had him a solid 6th in Sportsman as he completed a clear lap advantage over Runner Up, Lee Anderton. Anderton going well and enjoying the conditions on his KTM. Third placed Novice was Young Harvey Ward doing brilliantly to complete 12 laps.

The weather certainly didn’t win this WOR as a cracking days sport took place despite the adverse weather and all the riders that rode over the weekend enjoyed the new WOR venue and its enjoyable challenges.





WOR now go into a very busy August with some unbeatable venues and cracking days in the dirt lined up.. More at the WOR EVENTS website ..

As always WOR send massive thanks to all involved from the quality catering, superb medics, Sponsors, unmatched staff and most importantly the loyal riders, new and old that keep these events going and such fun to be at.