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"The Great British Bike Off” TV series

Creating amazing travel adventures in just two weeks has become a bit of an obsession for Graham Hoskins and Tom Woodrow. This time they are on an adventure in their own back yard, trail riding the UK part of the Trans Euro Trail (which is the world’s longest community developed trail), exploring the wonderful countryside, avoiding the tarmac where they can and meeting the most amazing people along the way.

Whether it is snow blocked trails, river crossings, freezing nights, Bike Off dares, navigational errors or unexploded military ordnance, Graham and Tom will have their work cut out to complete their adventure.

Of course, no adventure of theirs is complete without the incredible people they meet along the way – the vet that married into a 800 year old aristocratic dynasty, Britain’s youngest Dakar bike rally finisher, the Woodland Trust or one of the men that inspired Ewan McGregor to motorcycle around the world. To name just a few!

The new TV series starts on TogetherTV channel next week on Tuesday 14th August at 1730. The channel broadcasts 24/7 on FreeviewHD 93, Sky 173, Virgin 269 and Freesat 164.

Introducing the Hosts

Graham Hoskins Graham’s energetic, people friendly, adventurous style has fronted three adventure travel TV series over the last seven years and has been the host of the monthly internet TV show Adventure Bike TV for over four years. Before making the “Great Arctic Bike Off”, he motorcycled 7,000 miles through 15 countries in just 15 days with Danny John-Jules (the ‘Cat’ in Red Dwarf), circumnavigating the Med Sea in “Motorbike `Diaries: Mad in the Med” and then from Europe to The Gambia, again with Danny in “Motorbike Dairies: Dakar Dreams”. A recovered cancer patient and the unfortunate recipient of 5 hip replacements before the age of 45, his passion and enthusiasm for life is infectious with all viewers.

Tom Woodrow Tom rode a scooter to the Sahara with a charity group and filmed the adventure, aptly called “Scooters in the Sahara”, before meeting Graham and filming his epic west African “Dakar Dreams” adventure. Now great buddies, Tom films and produces for commercial projects and Adventure Bike TV. Tom is as cuddly as Graham is old and they have a great on-screen bromance!