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2018 ACU British Timecard Enduro Championship
Rounds 10 & 11
Saturday/Sunday 8th/9th September
Natterjack 2 Day Enduro

BEC final heads to the Natterjack
Photo / report: Gemma James Photography

The ACU British Timecard Enduro Championship makes a welcome return to the Natterjack Enduro for the final round of this year’s excellent series.

The Putoline Natterjack 2 Day Enduro will take place this weekend & team REME have set a route including two special tests per lap on their legendary sandy based military camp at Longmoor near Borden. The special tests will be ridden and timed every lap; same tests will be used both days. Further details of route mileage & check times will be released at signing-on which will take place late Friday afternoon.

Team REME have gained sponsorship from Freestyle & for the cross test in the sandbowl & Michelin/Amped have kindly sponsored the event with rider numbers/backgrounds.

Series leader Danny McCanney goes into this round as clear favourite, but previous round winner Alex Snow, World Junior ace Jack Edmondon & Mr consistent Tom Sagar will all be hoping to snatch a win from McCanney. Also hoping for a win will be current World Enduro champion Steve Holcombe getting in some valid sand practice before his next world GP at Hawkstone. Others hoping to shine will be world GP regulars Joe Wootten, Dan Mundell, Josh Gotts, Alex Walton & New Zealand Enduro champion Hamish Macdonald. A few more names to look out for include Tom ellwood, Daryl Bolter, Fraser Flockhart, Jay Thomas & motocross star Jonathan Petit to name but a few.

In the highly competitive Experts class series leader Luke Flack will take some beating on his current form, but you can be assured Max Ditchield, Aaron Gordon & Richard Tucker will be hot on his heels.

In the Clubman class another close battle will commence between Lewis Ranger, Harry Houghton & Luke Thomas all capable of taking class wins on their day. Cole Elliot & Darren Kiff both consistent runners this year will be hoping for some good points to finish off the series strongly.

Nieve Holmes & Rosie Rowett go into this round hoping to take the Women’s championship, both up for winning the title over the course of the weekend.

Series leaders Andrew Edwards (Over 40’s) & Paul Davies (Over 50’s) will take some beating in their respective classes.

The start of the event is located at Griggs Green entrance (A3 entrance), Longmoor, Hampshire,
GU33 6EL.

Signing-on/Machine Examination will take place on Friday 7th September between 3pm – 7pm.

First riders will start a & 9.00am Sunday.

Team REME Natterjack BEC - Final Instructions
Longmoor enclosure, Liss, Hampshire, GU336EL
Please use the Griggs Green entrance on the A3. It will be signed form the A3. If you go to the gate of the military camp you will be turned away.
Signing on and machine examination
Rider list and start times will be published at signing on, this will be at the start finish area at the following times:
Friday 7th sept 1500-1900
Sat 8th sept by prior arrangement only.
Machine examination are the same times as above.
At Machine Examination, the Championship and Experts classes will have parts marked as per the current ACU British Time Card Enduro Championship Regulations.
Machine examination as per Enduro Standing Regulations. Numbers and backgrounds will be provided at signing on by our kind sponsor Enduro tyres and Michelin. They must be displayed on all 3 sides and not altered.
A starting compound will be used on both days as per ESR 26 & 27.
Your machine will need to be placed into the start compound 15 minutes before your allotted start time.
There will be 2 special tests utilised for this event. A cross test in the sand bowl and an enduro test in the woods near the start finish. Tests will be timed on all laps.
There will be a service area at the start finish and a “splash and dash” fuel area near the cross test. No support vans are allowed on the road to the splash and dash fuel area due to it being part of the course, at signing on a designated area for fuel will be marked, from there we will load it into a van and take it to the fuel point for you to save carrying it. Please have the relevant fire extinguisher and environmental mat when refuelling.
This will be available from Friday 7th sept at 0800. No fresh water will be available. Toilets will be provided.
Please do not dump grey water onto the training area.
A request from the training area management is that no body cameras are worn. This is due to the footage being posted on social media and then there is a spike in illegal riding on the training area.
Dogs must always be kept on a lead. Please pick up any mess.