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EC Six Days Chile
300cc / 250cc

The special edition for the ISDE 2018

The new special-edition Six Days Chile models incorporate Renthal handlebars with central bar and grips to provide better feel at the hands of the rider. A model of which only 400 units will be produced worldwide.

Prepared for the very toughest international race

In addition to the handlebar components, specific innovations for this model include a new aluminum handlebar clamp on top of triple clamp, a front axle pull to aid with quick wheel changes, and a 260mm NG floating front brake disc to increase performance and meet the demands of braking and reliability throughout the grueling Six Days.

Decoration with ethnic motifs and the totems of Easter Island

These new technical features come along with the exclusive 2018 ISDE special graphics, with white plastic, and with a new non-slip seat cover special for this model. And of course, the special-edition Six Days Chile models are built from the same characteristics and quality as its stablemates in the 2019 GasGas Enduro range.

New features GasGas Six Days Chile

Renthal 997 handlebar, 28.6mm (1 1/8) diameter with central bar. Renthal grips - medium hardness for greater grip and control. NG Front brake disc- Full-floating, 26mm in diameter, for increased performance and feel when the brake is applied. Front wheel axle pull CNC machined handlebar clamps, black anodized with the GasGas logo, made of high quality aluminum, providing greater rigidity and sense of control. Exclusive "Six Days Chile 2018" graphic with Easter Island ethnic motifs and white plastic. Special-edition "Six Days Chile 2018" seat cover for extra grip.

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