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Paul Bolton announces New Sponsors 

After an awesome season of racing in 2018, I am excited to finally announce the support of some great new companies and almost all of my existing sponsors. My 2019 season will be headed up by new title sponsor Par Homes. They will be supported by my long-term sponsors Dataspace, Roy Trevor and K & N Surfacing, as well welcoming on board new associations with Substance and KLIM.

I am once again committed to racing the full British Extreme schedule, as well as the full World Enduro Super Series. This will be entirely as a privateer with the support of my private sponsors, as well as my online shop  and my work through my training schools.

I have some new and exciting projects in the pipeline for the future, such as a UK youth academy. Since starting to train junior riders, itís opened my eyes to the determination that these young men and women have and how they look up to us and draw inspiration from riders in the spotlight. Iím keen to put that to good use and inspire the next generation in the sport that I love, so watch this space!

So 2019 is going to be a busy year, with new races on the calendar and new projects. I would also like to say a big thank you for their support to: Royal Hills Experience, Mefo mousse, Cyfor, RSS, PJIF racing, Triple D Motorsport, Il Panorama Cafe, Akrapovic, Funnelweb Filter, Bulletproof Designs, AXP Racing, Acerbis, CTI Knee Braces, Renthal, Talon, Hope, DP Brakes, Adventure Spec, Cheile Gradistei, Properly Protected, Haibike, Spiral GFX and Svetsjanst. You all help to make it happen!

Keep up to date with my racing and projects through @paulboltsenduro, @dirtbikespec and @paulboltonoffroadacademy on Instagram and Facebook!