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The first round of the 2019 Ecosse XC Scottish Hare & Hounds Championship, sponsored by Rock Oil, Wulfsport, Michelin and Drysdale Motorcycles, gets underway on Sunday the 31st of March. It will also host the first of the 10-round Northern Youth Enduro championship.

Running at Tyninghame Links, Dunbar, a venue that proved so popular for the club's three-round motocross series earlier this year, the event will cater for both youth and adult solo riders.

The five-mile-plus long track will incorporate elements of the well-harrowed motocross track, with flowing woodland and rough open land in the mix, offering plenty of passing places and fast sections to give all levels of riders the chance to have a competitive and fun day out.

Giving a huge boost to the Enduro youth sector, and making it more accessible to novice riders, Ecosse XC and the team behind the Northern Youth Enduro, have secured insurance which will allow youngsters from as young as six years of age to compete at the event on autos. The only stipulation is that both auto and 65cc riders must be accompanied on the track by a riding parent or grand-parent.

The 90-minute Northern Youth Enduro morning session starts at 9am, and the club can take up to 50 machines in one line-up. The class will combine Auto, 65, BW/SW85 and 125s, and expectations are high that entries will be full prior to the closing date.

Adult riders will get a three-hour stint from 11.30am with classes for Sportsman, Clubman, Clubman B, Over-40, Over-50 and Expert.

Signing on is from 7.30am. Entry fees are 35 for youth and 45 for adults. Transponders will be utilised and can be hired for 10. Entries are via  and online entries close at 6pm on Friday the 29th of March 2019. Results will be available via MyLaps.

The Northern Youth Enduro Championship dates are;
Round 1. 31st March, Tyninghame - Ecosse XC
Round 2. 28th April, Norwood
Round 3. 5th May, Grant House - Ecosse XC
Round 4. 16th June, West Linton - Ecosse XC
Round 5. 30th June, Dean Moor
Round 6. 21st July, Tees Valley
Round 7. 25th August, Gisburn
Round 8. 15th September, Low North Camp
Round 9. 13th October, Hapton Burnley
Round 10. 20th October, Helmsley

Eight rounds will count towards the championship.