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The 2nd round of the 2019 ACU Michelin British Enduro Championship slides into Huntsham, Devon this weekend on the tail end of Storm Gareth. 

Danny McCanney dominated the opening round of the BEC series at Bovington Camp in February on a TM300 before posting 2 podium finishes in the first 2 days of the Italian Championship but at Huntsham Danny will be competing against the winner in Goia Dei Marsi - the current World Champion - Steve Holcombe {Beta). 

Alex Snow made a smooth transition from Honda to GasGas to finish 2nd at Bovington and - after a steady start - Dan Mundell shook up the Sherco to take 3rd. Tom Sagar and Jack Edmondson will be hoping to take less stick - particularly in the back wheel on the Cross Country test. 

With 5 out 7 tests under his belt Aaron Gordon (Sherco 300) was the Best Expert in Round 1 with Henry Yardley runner up and Harry Edmondson was 3rd. Richard Tucker in 4th was the Best E3 and Harry Hillier Rees in 7th was the Best E1/4.

The Clubman class was won by James Palmer on a 125 and Joshua Kirby was runner up.  Ross Kerr finished in 3rd.

Rosie Rowett was the first Clubman Lady rider home with a 12th overall.

Andrew Edwards got off to the best possible start to the season with a win in the Over 40 class. Vincent Harker was runner up and Andrew Reeves was 3rd. Scotsman Richard Hay leads the Over 50 class.

The start is arrowed from Cobbacombe Cross EX16 7QJ. Ignore the satnav when it tells you to turn off the A361 up by the motorway junction. Wait until the McDonalds turning at Tiverton then follow satnav to the crossroads. If you are not using satnav, please approach from the same direction as we would like to keep disruption in the village to a minimum.

Signing on:
Please attend machine examination before signing on then collect your transponder from Jess Hockly who will require a significant deposit (usually ACU licence, driving licence or credit card). If you lose or damage the transponder it is entirely YOUR responsibility to replace it.

Bike Specification:
Numbers will be supplied. Rear tyre MUST be FIM Enduro and marked as such by the manufacturer or trials pattern (apart from Twinshock). Any front tyre is acceptable. Bikes should be fitted with lights (of some sort!).

Pre event bike inspection:
Machine and helmet examination will take place between 1pm and 5pm on Saturday the 16th March, apart from those already booked for Sunday. You (the rider) are entirely responsible for the condition and suitability of your machine and riding kit for the event.

Route and marking:
The route will be marked with orange arrows and various coloured tape. Blue tape or netting means walking pace only (apart from in the special test). More information will be provided at signing on regarding arrowing. However, in case any route marking is damaged by the potentially inclement weather, at no time should any rider be further than 2 metres from the edge of any grass or crop field unless otherwise directed. This is essential to protect the future of the event. This is very obvious and anyone failing to comply will be excluded from the event. In any woodland areas you may ride up to 2 metres either side of any single arrow. The lap is approximately 19 miles long and will include a combination of woodlands, fields, farm tracks and some small bogs. Many areas of the route have been subject to tree felling in recent years so there are numerous hazards in the form of stumps, logs and brash. Please ride with extreme caution at all times and expect the unexpected!

Riders must start their bikes from a dead engine at their allocated start time. Machines must not be started prior to your official start minute. There will be no pre start parc ferme, but you will be penalised for being late to the start or starting your engine before your allocated time.

This must only be carried out in the refuelling/pits area. Please use an environmental mat when servicing your machine and have a fire extinguisher in your kit. There is no facility for refuelling/service at either check, but you may be handed food or goggles etc. by your helpers.

Time checks:
The checks will be identified by two white flags placed on both sides of the track 200m before the check and 2 yellow flags placed 20m from the control table. The time given on your time card will be the time at which you pass the YELLOW flags. There will be an official clock visible at both time checks. A back up checklist showing all riders arrival times will also be kept. Penalties will be given to those who arrive late OR early, however a rider can pass the final time check of the event early without penalty. It is entirely the rider’s responsibility to ensure that their number has been recorded by cleaning your plates at the checks, and (politely!) hollering at any passage controls.

Any Championship or Expert rider over 30 minutes late and any other rider over 60 minutes late will be excluded. Lateness can be reduced by clocking in early, but this will result in a time penalty.

Time Cards:
These will be issued at signing on and must be presented at each time control. They MUST BE HANDED to the official at the check and NOT TAPED to the machine, for example not on mudguards or on your helmet. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the card is clean, legible and correctly filled in to enable an accurate result to be compiled.

Road crossings:
There will be a road crossing at which you must stop your engine, dismount and push your bike. Obey the instructions of the road crossing marshals at all times. This applies to all riders, road legal or not and is a condition by which the Police have allowed us to run the event in its current form.

Special test:
The tests will be timed to the fraction of a second by transponder and will be marked with both tape and arrows. Riders must stay between the tapes and follow the arrowed route. It is advisable that all riders (especially Championship and Expert classes) walk the wooded sections of the tests as there are a number of slightly shorter, but more difficult options available. It is your responsibility to make your number visible at the start of every test and throughout the event. The special tests will each be approximately 10 minutes long and will be ridden on every lap by every class, but will not be timed on lap one for anyone other than Championship and Expert.

Passage control:
There will be a number of passage controls throughout the lap marked with a blue flag. They will not be manned every lap, but if a marshal is present it is your responsibility to ensure your riding number is recorded. If your number is not recorded you may be excluded from the results.

There will be travelling and fixed marshals in attendance throughout the event. Their role is to keep the event flowing. It is not their job to assist riders unless a competitor is injured. If there is a queue of riders who are stuck, they will assist in clearing the jam, but are not obliged to help individuals (although they may if you ask nicely!). Marshals are an essential part of the event and you should comply with their instructions. ANY abuse of marshals will not be tolerated and the penalty will be exclusion from this and future events. All the folks who run and marshal this and most events are volunteers so a cheery “thank you” as you pass will be welcome.

Outside assistance:
If advantage is gained by outside assistance the penalty will be disqualification.

Parking will be tight so please double up if possible. Parking will be available from 8am till 5pm on Saturday and 6.30am on Sunday. Please ensure your vehicle has an easily accessible and suitable towing eye fitted before you arrive at the field. Please park as directed by the marshals. Parking on the access lane is prohibited to ensure easy access for emergency vehicles and officials. To keep any inconvenience to local residents to a minimum, please drive carefully and slowly in the lanes and villages as you travel to and from the event. There will be a one way system in place for anyone travelling around during the day. Please respect this to minimise disruption in the village.

The expected number of laps (weather permitting) is Championship –Test plus 5.5 laps plus 1 test, Expert 4.5 laps plus 1 test, Clubman, Over 40 and 50, 3.5 laps plus 1 test Sportsman – 2.5 laps plus 1 test. Championship riders will start from 8.30 and the other classes from approximately 9 10am

Tear offs are NOT allowed at any XEC event.

Due to the wet conditions ensure that your towing eye is fitted before arriving at the start field.