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Ride Offs Report by Bob Mullins

A recent spate of bike thefts in the South East have prompted Enduro News to issue a warning to bike owners to be very careful when selling your bikes. The problem arises when the "buyer" asks to check the bike over and simply rides off on it.

This is not a new scam. Twenty year ago a mechanic from Caerleon was selling a bike. He was contacted by a potential buyer who arrived in a shiny new Ford XR2. The "buyer" took the bike for a test ride but he never returned. The seller contacted the police and gave them the car registration number. The car had been stolen early that day.

The conman relies on establishing confidence. In these thefts the "buyer" asked the seller to deliver the bike to his house. When the seller arrived the "buyer" was waiting on the pavement. After a bit of chat the "buyer" took the bike for a test ride and didn't returned. The thief relied on the seller assuming it was his house because he was standing outside. 

Before you buy or sell a bike - know who you are dealing with.

Useful Tips

  • Ask for a landline number and get it checked.
  • If the buyer meets you on the pavement outside "his house". Ask to use the toilet before you unlock the van.
  • Ask to hold the money. No money - No ride. Buyers should check the documentation before handing over cash and get a receipt.

Below are the details of recent thefts


KTM 2011 250 xc two stroke
In absolutely mint condition - done less than 25 hours and is bog standard apart from renthal twinwalls and grips, and lighting kit including a genuine KTM headlight. And KTM powerparts case saver. Highly maintained, this bike has brand new plastics, new suspension, new KTM handguards AND new tires.
Unique features about the bike are the TEKA stickers on side and clear grip tape on side panes.
Motorex fork cowl stickers
The renthal bars and grips
KB Racing Ltd on headlight panel
Aftermarket Atrax front disc.
Front pipe has an 'e' stamp on it near kickstarter.
Also frame number is VBMXL239MB259313 engine number 0154814714
The bike was stolen in the Hook, Hampshire area near Basingstoke. 
If anyone can help please do not hesitate to contact me 07951 782164 or Hampshire constabulary on 0845 045 45 45. Any information that leads to the successful recovery of the bike will be rewarded



I had my KTM SX-F 450 2008 stolen exactly the same way on Thurs night at around 22.50 at night. The guy asked if he could test ride it round the off road garage area and was gone before i knew what was happening. He left behind a Stolen Ford Focus. Obviously the police were informed ect. The chassis number was VBKMXN4348M349731 Engine number 8773*08473* Aparently there have been 4 stolen the same way in 2 weeks. Hopefully with enough people we can find these criminals and stop them. My name is Richie Hardy and my phone number is 07590556316 or 01980600792 The guy that stole myine was mis 20's stocky to fat build. Accent was from around basingstoke to reading area going on londonish. He said he was from Basingstoke. Please could you post this along side the other stolen bike ad? Also it has a Pro Curcuit exhaust, 47 tooth rear orange sprocket, KTM hand grips and the throttle cable rubber was damaged and had a zip tie around the top with a nut in between the 2 cables.



Yamaha YZ250 2010
Stolen from Camberley on Wednesday 30th March 2011 at 5.00pm.
It has brand new original plastics.
Engine number G111E0025734, Chassis no JYACG23C000017013
Reward for any information leading to return of bike.
This lowlife posed as a potential buyer then rode off on it. He was riding without a helmet on.

Any Information please phone Police or Chris on 07814063739


This Ktm 300 exc-e 2007 model was stolen from Odiham (Nr. Basingstoke) Hampshire at 7.45 pm on Wednesday 6th April 2011. The bike was stolen by a scumbag posing as a buyer who started it and rode off without a helmet before the owner realised what was happening.

The bike was immaculate with electric start, alloy, sump guard, handlebar mapping switch, pro carbon fork guards and brand new fmf chromed pipe. 51, hours use on the speedometer. Chassis number: VBKGSA2007M330833. Engine number: 0754970467. It is road registered (reg.no. WU56GKN) although the plate will have been chucked by now, also the insurance ran out 2 weeks ago, it was not renewed as the bike was being sold!.

Any info please call Police or Rich on 01453 750397 or 07554287726.