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Fast Eddy Club Championship 

Round 3, Llwydiarth Hall, Llanfyllin, 5th May 2019

Report and Pictures by Tilde Tighe

The Fast Eddy Club Championships continued on Sunday 5th May with Round 3 taking place for the second time at new venue Llwydiarth Hall near to Llanfyllin. Once again, the long lap included rolling hills and flat-out straights, this time with even more technical stream sections put in by the Fast Eddy team.

9:30am saw the start of the Youth race with four classes lined up ready to tackle the 1 hour 15-minute race. Although returning to this venue for 2 rounds in a row may give the riders an advantage, they had no idea what was in store for them, with the course reversed and more difficult sections added in. There was some very competitive racing in the BW 85-150cc class, but again Bradley Price maintained the lead throughout to finish first and complete a hat-trick of wins. However, he received pressure from second place Jack Sandland the whole time, as well as Morgan Williams who placed third.

In the SW 85cc class, although Rhydian Rees took the holeshot for the third time in a row, it was Freestyle Husqvarna teammate Endaf Hughes that fought him for the lead and kept it for the rest of the race. Endaf had gained an impressive lead on Antonio Taylor by the finish, and Rhydian Rees followed in third, recovering well from a few offs in the tricky sections. With only one rider in the 65 class, Jonas Juska still made some competitive times and tackled the track well. The autos once again were a pleasure to watch, with Harry Jordan taking the win, followed by Roxie Roberts, both having rode well and embraced the auto loop and the help from Tom Sagar.

The adults set off just after 11am with another busy turnout after everyone had seen how successful this new venue was two weeks ago. Everyone enjoyed the track, especially the stream section and the longer, steeper and harder hills that had been put in by the Fast Eddy team.

The Expert class was full of talent and made for an exciting race, with tensions running high between riders as everyone wanted the coveted first place. Despite this, Ricky Wiggins dominated the race to win overall, an impressive feat that followed his 2nd place at the previous round. Second place went to Cole Cookland who rode extremely well again but was just not able to catch Wiggins as the gap between them widened each lap. Alfie Webb secured third place followed by James Palmer in fourth and Richard Ely in fifth.

The Clubman 2T class was similar to the first two rounds, fought over by Jacob and Adam James. However, though Adam James took the win at Round 1, it was Jake who came back fighting and won the class for the 2nd time. Adam suffered quite a spectacular crash over the hedge, but escaped with minor injuries luckily to still finish second. Jake Taylor challenged the brothers throughout to finish in third. Ethan Pugh gave another impressive ride to take the win in the Clubman 4T class, followed closely by Ben Key in second and Ben Martindale in third.

The Vets A and B and Over 50 classes who made up the majority of the competitors. The Vets A class gained competitors, making for an exciting race alongside the Vets B boys. Chirs Wagstaff came out on top in Vets A again, with Jeremy Mold behind in second and Cefyn Games taking third place. In Vets B Kieran Jordan took the win again, with the previous round's win under his belt as well. Guy Graham took a well-earned second place and danny Blairs placed third. In the Over 50's class it was Martin Jakeman who placed first, followed by Dave Cooper and the last round's winner Alan Vissian.

Doug Lote remained reigning champion of the Youth B class but faced new challenges from Cory Cookland who rode very well to keep up with Lote and place second, with Cynan Jones in third. In the Sportsman class it was Ant Trawford who claimed success from the winner of Round 2, Roy Broomfield, who took second place this time, followed by Dan Edwards. George Mallion claimed success in the Novice class, with Phil Richardson in second and Patrick Rabsky behind in third.

The club championships continue with Round 4 on the 8th and 9th June with a venue still to be confirmed. Thank you to everyone who supports Fast Eddy racing and to everyone who helped with the clean-up after the race.


Youth Race

BW 85-150cc
1. Bradley Price
2. Jack Sandland
3. Morgan Williams

SW 85cc
1. Endaf Hughes
2. Antonio Taylor
3. Rhydian Rees

1. Jonas Juska

1. Harry Jordan
2. Roxie Roberts

Adult Race

1. Ricky Wiggins
2. Cole Cookland
3. Alfie Webb
4. James Palmer
5. Richard Ely

Clubman 2T
1. Jacob James
2. Adam James
3. Jake Taylor

Clubman 4T
1. Ethan Pugh
2. Ben Key
3. Ben Martindale

Vets A
1. Chris Wagstaff
2. Jeremy Mold
3. Cefyn Games

Vets B
1. Kieran Jordan
2. Guy Graham
3. Danny Blairs

Youth B
1. Doug Lote
2. Cory Cookland
3. Cynan Jones

1. Ant Trawford
2. Roy Broomfield
3. Dan Edwards

Over 50s
1. Martin Jakeman
2. Dave Cooper
3. Alan Vissian

1. George Mallion
2. Phil Richardson
3. Patrick Rabsky