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Sudbury Motor Cycle Club Enduro

GH Motorcycles Husquana & GB Finch Round 3 of the Eastern ACU Championships
Foxborough Halstead Essex
Report Paula Day Photography

Round 3 of the GH Motorcycles & GB Finch sponsored Hare'n Hounds on the new beautifully prepared track at the clubs longstanding Foxborough venue. The hardworking club and fellow enduro enthusiast landowner Mr Bill turtle has invested in substantial clearing of the area to provide a varied track through woods & fields with some testing sections to keep the riders alert for the 2.5 hour long event. In glorious sunshine it brought out over 100 riders across the 8 classes and spectators enjoyed an exciting days racing with strong tussles in all the classes with riders vying for points in the season long championship. Clubman winner & runner up Jake Roper & Joe Philips battled it out all morning and finished just one lap behind the Championship riders on 16 laps each, the same as the Expert riders. Just both out of the youth section and with the Sudbury Motorcycle Clubs backing under the 'Team Dave Roper youth progression programme' the adults will have to keep an eye out for them over the next few races.

Historically Between 2012 and 2018 inclusive there has only been three winners of the Championship Class. Jason Morland 5 times 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018 while Jamie Roper won it in 2013 and Aston Bird won it in 2015. So will Jason win the round for a 6th time or will Luke Parker or Will Hughes win 2019 ?

Championship  1' 1 Luke Parker 2 4 Will Hughes 10 Luke Gidney

Expert 1 28 Tommy Clark 2 25 Jack Nicolau 3 22 Daniel Smith

Clubman 1 19 Jake Roper 2 46 Joe Phillips 3 57 Joseph hall

Expert Vets 1 30 Gavin Hockey 2 31 Lee Monger 32 Phil Roper

Clubman Vets 1 77 Paul Belton 2 75 Jason Carsbolt 3 105 Tom Morris

Super Vet 1 88 Jez Moss 2 161 Steve Finch 3 85 Nigel Ross

Novice 1 102 Evan Herbert 2 101 Lawrence Martin