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Fast Eddy Rock Oil Championship
Round 4, H2O, Oswestry, 
9th June 2019

Report and Pictures by Tilde Tighe

The Fast Eddy Rock Oil  Championships continued with Round 4 at H2O near Oswestry, a venue that provides a new challenge each time the club goes back. Following a wet and wild practice day on Saturday, the team worked hard in the afternoon to make sure the track would be perfect for the races on Sunday.

At 9:30 the kids race kicked off for the first time with 30 kids ready to take on the tough challenge that H2O had to offer, but some confusion with one part of the track layout meant that the race had to be restarted at 10. However, the kids didn't let this faze them and raced extremely well anyway.

It was an eventful 75 minutes for the BW850-150cc class, with current championship leader Bradley Price putting in an impressive ride only to DNF with bike problems after just 5 laps. This left the race open to Morgan Williams who d There will also be an exciting new event, a 'Best of Three' weekend on the 20th and 21st July with a Saturday morning mini time card enduro, a Saturday night prologue and youth and adult XC races on the Sunday.ominated and came out in front, taking the win. He was followed closely by Josh Knight in second and Billy Austin in third, all three completing 12 laps of the difficult course.

The SW85cc class was competitive as always, with Freestyle Husqvarna Youth team rider Endaf Hughes finishing in first place after a bad start which left him at the back of the pack. However, he came back determined and worked his way back up to first with Fin Sheppard a whole lap behind by the time the flag dropped to finish. Freestyle teammate Rhydian Rees continued his brilliant form to finish in a well-earned third place.

Once again, the Auto class persevered and tackled H2O head on to get in up to 17 laps of their modified auto loop of the track, with assistance from Tom Sagar and the rest of the Fast Eddy team. In first place was Juddy Kearford, and three laps behind in second was Roxie Roberts, putting the girls on the auto podium once again.

There were two new classes: SW85cc beginners and 65cc beginners, designed for those who are just starting out and don't want the pressure of competing against some of the most talented youth riders around. Millie Crump took forst place in the SW85cc beginner class and Connor Redman was second, while in the 65cc begionner class it was Jack Brooks that placed first, followed by Owain Corbet and Selbie Crump.

At 12pm the Adults were ready to go for 2 hours and with the weather drying up significantly, it made for an excellent race. Having made all the changes to the track, the Fast Eddy Team were ready to start off nearly 70 riders, leaving them with the challenges of steep hill climbs, stream crossings, a motocross track and grassy fields, an extremely varied track which everyone enjoyed.

The Expert class led the pack and took the top 4 spots, but the win, though well-earned, did not come easy to Ricky Wiggins. To begin with it was Harry Edmondson who was out in front, but Wiggins quickly changed that and led for the majority of the race, leaving Edmondson in second place one lap behind. Close behind Harry though was James Palmer in third, also on 11 laps.

The podium places in the Clubman classes were as hotly contested as ever, with the battle between the James brothers continuing in the Clubman 2T class. It was Adam James that came out on top this time with Jacob James in second, making it two wins each for them so far this year in the Club Championships. Third place went to Carl Thomas who finished 7 minutes behind Jacob. In the Clubman 4T class however, Ben Key rose to victory and managed to keep in the top 10, followed by John Wildman and Wayne James in second and third respectively.

As for the Vets classes, there was some very determined riding in the Vets A class, but once again it was Chris Wagstaff who dominated and took the win in front of Jeremy Mold and David Williams. The Vets B class saw only one competitor, Leigh Nicklin, who placed first. In the Over 50's class Dave Cooper got his second win of the series, followed closeley by Stephen Parry in second place and Shaun James in third.

The Youth B class showcased some talented riders, with winner Doug Lote placing 8th overall behind some Expert and Clubman riders after riding extremely well throughout the entire race. In second was Sion Evans, Freestyle Husqvarna Youth team rider, who gave a consistent and determined ride once again. Third place went to Sam Hughes, who was not far behind the top boys on 9 laps.

As the largest class with 23 riders, the Sportsman class was highly competetive, so Tom Collett to taking the win was an impressive feat. However, Trystan Hopkins and Andy Smith were very close behind in second and third. In the Novice class it was Phil Richardson who took the top podium spot, followed by Teifi Jones in second and Josh Inchley in third.

The Fast Eddy Club Championships continue with Round 5 at Brow Farm, Rattlinghope (postcode SY5 0SR) on Sunday 14th July with a practice day as normal on the Saturday. There will also be an exciting new event, a 'Best of Three' weekend on the 20th and 21st July with a Saturday morning mini time card enduro, a Saturday night prologue and youth and adult XC races on the Sunday.

Kids Race:

1. Morgan Williams
2. Josh Knight
3. Billy Austin

1. Endaf Hughes
2. Fin Sheppard
3. Rhydian Rees

SW85cc Beginner:
1. Millie Crump
2. Connor Redman

1. Jayden Jones
2. Will Barnett
3. Mason Hughes

65cc Beginner:
1. Jack Brookes
2. Owain Corbet
3. Selbie Crump

Auto Beginner:
1. Juddy Kearford
2. Roxie Roberts

Adults Race:

1. Ricky Wiggins
2. Harry Edmondson
3. James Palmer

Clubman 2T:
1. Adam James
2. Jacob James
3. Carl Thomas

Clubman 4T:
1. Ben Key
2. John Wildman
3. Wayne James

Vets A:
1. Chris Wagstaff
2. Jeremy Mold
3. David Williams

Vets B:
1. Leigh Nicklin

Over 50s:
1. Dave Cooper
2. Stephen Parry
3. Shaun James

Youth B:
1. Doug Lote
2. Sion Evans
3. Sam Hughes

1. Tom Collett
2. Trystan Hopkins
3. Andy Smith

1. Phil Richardson
2. Teifi Jones
3. Josh Inchley