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Sudbury MCC
Round 4 of the G H Motorcycles / Husqvarna / ACU Eastern Enduro Championship
Home Farm Hadham Essex by kind Permission of Mr Steve Stigwood

Youth Race

Sunday 16th June 2019

After a Le Mans start the 6 youth riders battled it out for an hours long race over a narrow winding woodland course with few places to overtake for the 4th round in the series. First away after a spectacular quick sprint & start Hedingham based Will Belton closely followed by Freya Jolly then no 65 Charlie Carsbolt. Cullen Hawkins, more familiar with a faster more open Motocross track pulled away in 4th place then overtook Freya and Charlie to keep up with Will over the hard fought 18 laps they both managed in perfect conditions after the earlier rain in the day.

Will Turtle came in 3rd with 16 Laps followed by Freya who came in with 15 laps then Charlie who finished on 13 Laps & James Mangham who finished on 11 laps.


1st Will Belton No 12 with 18 Laps
2nd Cullen Hawkins No 10 18 Laps
3rd Will Turtle No 11 16 Laps
4th Freya Jolly No 33 15 Laps
5th Charlie Carsbolt No 65 13 Laps
6th James Mangham No 188 11 laps

Paula Day Photography

Cullen Hawkins Will Turtle Freya Jolly
Charlie Carsbolt James Mangham