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Juniors fight to the end 

European Championship
Round 3 - Day 1

At the third round of the European Enduro Championship in Latvia the juniors fought for the overall victory until the last special-test on the first competition-day: Up to this tim the Finn Roni Kytönen was still back: "Things didn't go so well in the very first test, but I almost caught up until the end - I knew that I simply had to risk everything.“ - The Husqvarna rider did as he said and even managed to take seven seconds off championship leader Kristof Kouble. So finaly the Finn finally won the day.

"In the end, Roni was simply faster than me," Kouble admitted without envy, but he still keeps his lead in the championship for a long time. Of course, both riders also won their respective cubic capacity classes at the same time: Kytönen the Junior class E1, and Kouble on the KTM the Junior class of the more powerful E2 and E3 machines - ahead of the Brit Jed Etchells.

The next Finn, Eemil Pohjola, took third place in the overall standings, but he was also able to win the big four-stroke class ahead of Albin Elowson from Sweden.

Directly behind these two riders, the Swede Max Ahlin rode his brand new 125cc Husqvarna to fifth place in the overall standings and once again clinched a victory in the class of the youngest riders with the small 125cc motorcycles. Ahlin had just switched from KTM to Husqvarna the week before.

It also became highly international in the two-stroke class: Maurizio Micheluz, an Italian, won the small-capacity category and Dennis Schröter, a German, won the large-capacity category.

A total of seven different nations were represented in the top 14 of the overall standings!

The organizer in Madona had proved its worth on this first day of riding: No problems at all on the track or in the special stages, so that the second day will be done according to the same schedule as this first day.

Double victory for Kytönen
European Championship
Round 3 - Day 2

The only 19-year-old junior Rony Kytönen from Finland won the third round of the European Enduro Championship in Madona, Latvia, on the second day with another day's victory in the class and the overall ranking and not only the overall victory over both days, but he also extended his lead in the junior class „E1“. For the young rider this is the first overall victory in the European Championship. "This gives me a lot of self-confidence," said the Husavarna rider, whose father Vesa, a former enduro world champion (1999), had accompanied him on this trip.

Second became Albin Elowson, only 18 seconds behind. But the Swede knows that he was ill just before the competition and had to take antibiotics, which is why he was physically behind. "But the more I ride, the better." He was also reconciled with the fact, that he naturally won the big four-stroke class and, despite his retirement in Slovakia, slipped back to second place in this championship. "And I had a small crash on the very last special stage, which certainly cost me ten seconds.

The international competition again took place in the two-stroke driver classes: In the small-capacity category, Maurizio Micheluz from Italy won and in the large-capacity category, Dennis Schröter from Germany won.

In the senior category, defending champion Sebastian Krywult from Poland was able to win the second day one despite his knee injury and extend his lead.

The British rider Nive Holmes did not manage the trick: After her right shoulder was dislocated on the first day when she came into contact with a tree, she could only ride the second day in pain. Nevertheless, she finished third, but lost the championship lead to Hanna Berzelius from Sweden.

The upcoming final, in early September in Finland, will certainly be exciting: Kytönen has shown that he can beat the still overall leader Kristof Kouble and in Finland he would also have a home advantage.

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