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Fast Eddy Best of Three Weekend
LLwydiarth Hall, Llanfyllin, 20th and 21st July 2019

Report and Pictures by Tilde Tighe

With a brand new, never-seen-before layout, this weekend was already expected to be great, so it was no surprise when all three aspects of the weekend delivered quality riding time and entertainment too. Beginning the Saturday in the morning was a timecard enduro, followed by a World round style prologue in the evening, and finally an XC race on the Sunday (one for kids and one for adults).

At 11am the first of the Experts set off for a sighting lap followed by the rest of the pack, ready to complete their first test by 11:50. The lap was around 20 mins with a 5 minute special test, meaning that the check times were more relaxed in order to give everyone a chance to get used the timecard format but still get a good result. Nearly everyone achieved a clean sheet, so it went down to the fastest lap times to determine the winner of the first event of three.

So, in the timecard event it was Harry Edmondson who came out on top in the Expert class after winning all 7 tests followed by Ricky Wiggins and Max Ditchfield. Having completed 6 tests, Adam James won the Clubman 2T class, and Ryan Phillips topped Clubman 4T. Vets A saw Steve Ethelstone place first, and Vets B was won by Saxon Nel. Andy Harvey dominated the Over 50's, with Alyn Roberts winning Sportsman and Harvey Harman on the top spot in Novice. On 4 tests were the Youth B, BW85-150cc, SW85cc and 65cc classes, as this event was designed to give them a taster of what a timecard enduro is. Doug Lote won Youth B by over 2 minutes, Bradley Price won BW85-150cc with Fin Sheppard taking the win in the 85cc class and William Barnett won the 65ccs.

Saturday evening was what everyone had been waiting for- the prologue. The 2-minute lap saw 2 riders go head-to-head and side-by-side with a variety of obstacles including logs and a bridge. It is safe to say everyone involved had a fantastic evening, both riders and spectators, and with the perfect weather it was not to be missed. The racing itself was tense and full of surprises and close calls, with brothers racing brothers and friends against friends, it kept everyone on their toes and made for some excellent entertainment.

Starting off as he meant to go on, it was Harry Edmondson once again who dominated, winning all three of his prologue laps and placing first in the Expert class and overall, collecting precious points towards his overall weekend positioning. Behind Edmondson in the Experts were Max Ditchfield and Cole Cookland.

However, it wasn't just the Experts that provided the entertainment, every individual race was one to watch. The Clubman class saw brothers Jacob and Adam James go against each other twice, and it was Jacob that won both races, meaning that he took the overall win in the Clubman 2T class. In the Clubman 4T class it was Michael Cooke who came first. Vets A and B were also fun to watch, with Karl Greenall and Leigh Nicklin placing first in their respective classes and Andy Harvey won the Over 50's for the second time that day. Once again, Alyn Roberts came out on top in the Sportsman class and Harvey Harman in the Novices. The results were a near mirror image of the morning's timecard as Doug Lote won Youth B, Bradley Price won in the BW85-150cc class and Fin Sheppard took the win in the SW85cc class.

On Sunday everyone's attention turned to the last events of the Best of Three- for the kids it was the AM cross country race and the adults looked forward to their XC in the afternoon. Though a relatively small turnout for the kids race with only 5 competitors, it allowed the Fast Eddy team to do what they had intended and provide a fun, safe race for the kids to build their confidence and be guided by the experienced marshals at all points of the course. The BW class saw Orry Millward lead throughout and win on 12 laps. However, hot on his heels was Callum Hughes who placed first in the SW class, and Zach Price in third overall. Antonio Taylor gave a good ride to come fourth and Theo Wood placed fifth.

The final event was the Adults cross country race, which saw most people completing the three events, all of them eager to gain as many final points as possible. The weather held out with only a few showers, and with the track reversed from Saturday's timecard enduro it was set out to be an exciting race.

Though he seemed on track to win the third and final event of the three and leading the race from the beginning, Harry Edmondson had a run in with some trees that pushed him back to fifth place at just after the halfway point. However, this didn't stop Edmondson and he fought to make up the time, getting back up to the front by the last lap, but it wasn't enough to get past Ricky Wiggins, meaning that Wiggins took the win 0.6 seconds in front. Though Ricky rode extremely well and won the XC race, it was Harry that took the overall 'Best of Three' win.

As usual there was a battle in the Clubman 2T class between Adam and Jacob James, but contrary to the Prologue results it was Adam who built up a lead and won the class, with Jacob in second. Clubman 4T saw Morgan James place first, with Karl Greenall winning Vets A and Leigh Nicklin taking the win in Vets B. The Over 50's podium was topped by Andy Harvey, the Sportsman class saw Andy Smith come first and Adam Wagstaff won the Novices. Doug Lote kept up his winning streak and topped the Youth B class.

Therefore, after a long but excellent weekend of racing, everyone could not sing enough praises for this event format and the hard work of the Fast Eddy team as usual. Overall results for all three events can be found below.

1. Harry Edmondson
2. Ricky Wiggins
3. Max Ditchfield

Clubman 2T:
1. Adam James
2. Billy Haigh
3. Jacob James

Clubman 4T:
1. Ryan Phillips
2. Ben Key
3. Michael Cooke

Vets A:
1. Steve Ethelstone
2. Karl Greenall
3. Anthony Crowe

Vets B:
1. Saxon Nel
2. Martin Harvey
3. Leigh Nicklin

Over 50's:
1. Andy Harvey
2. Rob Gregory
3. Shaun James

1. Alyn Roberts
2. Roy Broomfield
3. Luke Ames

1. Harvey Harman
2. Steve Stephenson
3. Chris Brown

Youth B:
1. Doug Lote
2. Cory Cookland
3. Sion Evans

1. Bradley Price
2. Orry Millward
3. Theo Wood

1. Fin Sheppard
2. Rhydian Rees
3. Antonio Taylor

1. William Barnett

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