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HardEnduroSeries Germany:

Successful debut in Hamma

After a faster run in Neugattersleben, the extreme pilots again came to their favourite terrain in Hamma. Kevin Gallas took another victory.

The debut in Hamma can be called a success. The MSC from Südharz in the ADAC e.V. around Jan Hoffmann could use the full terrain for the HardEnduroSeries Germany and made it a highlight for the pilots. As usual it was again very dry on the MX track, but the prologue already showed that the dust did not play the decisive role because of the longer lap. This time the heart of the track was a forest with many natural ups and downs. These were deep in the course of the two group races and the final. However, the marshals and helpers were immediately on the spot in most places and could also help the drivers. .

X-Grip Prolog Award

The X-Grip Prolog Award took place on a similar round of X-Cross. This event is held in Hamma annually in March. The date for the 2020 edition is 21.03.2020. On this round Kevin Gallas could win against Robert Scharl and Leon Hentschel. Fourth was guest driver Florian Görner, the Scharfensteiner once wanted to get a taste of the series, since he is normally at home in the German Enduro Championship, this special stage-like prologue was particularly popular with him.

Group race - victories for Gallas and Scharl

Already in the group races it showed up that the event will not be a walk in the park. In spite of the difficult track, which could only be mastered with help from time to time, the riders were happy that this time there was a real Hardenduro terrain. Kevin Gallas dictated the pace in the first group from the beginning. 7 minutes behind Leon Hentschel saved his strength for the final. Mirko Fabera finished third in front of a brilliant Paul-Erik Huster.

In Group 2 Robert Scharl won a similarly dominant race against the two KTM Sturm riders Florian Görner and Kenny Lötzsch.
Furioso finale with a bad ending

For the final, in which the top 30 of each group were admitted, the MSC from the South of Harz in the ADAC e.V. installed further heavy track parts into the track. The hardest part was a steep downhill over a root with a direct following hill.

Plus an artificial obstacle with moving tree trunks above a waterhole, this reminded something of RedBull Romaniac's prologue sections.
Gallas took the lead directly in lap 1 and was able to extend his lead to 30 seconds. Despite some sections with some traffic jams, the top pilots mostly found a free track, so there were only few obstacles.

In lap 3, however, Leon Hentschel suddenly appeared at the top. Hentschel was able to pass the Baden-Badener on an ascent. What followed, however, were very inglorious scenes that are not exactly conducive to the sport. Several track marshals independently found out that Hentschel got some track advantages. Together with race director Jan Hoffmann from the host club, Hentschel was therefore decided to set a 2 minute time penalty. Although Hentschel was the first to be flagged as the leader, the winner was Kevin Gallas as he won the race a week ago. "He had only words of praise for the race at the finish: "I found the track the most demanding in the whole HESG calendar so far. The club really did a great job."

Behind Gallas, Hentschel, who despite a penalty finished 2nd, Robert Scharl managed to finish 3rd and continues to lead the championship.

Victory for Görner in the juniors' competition

Florian Görner's entry into the HESG was immediately rewarded with a victory. So the KTM Sturm Team had 2 victories because Dirk Peter won the seniors again.

For the HESG riders there is now the possibility to rest 1 weekend. On 15.09. it continues with another highlight, the Melz Exdrähm.

Right here in this press release it should also be mentioned that the registration for the Isegrim Enduro, final run of the HESG, will start on Thursday 05.09.2019 12.00 o'clock.

Photos: TK420 / Toni Keller