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Alfredo Gomez - Sights Set On Top Step Of GetzenRodeo Podium

With the outcome of the 2019 World Enduro Super Series set to come down to the wire at GetzenRodeo, Alfredo Gomez is focused on securing a championship top-three result.

One of the leading riders in this yearís battle to become the ULTIMATE ENDURO WORLD CHAMPION, the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing rider currently sits fourth in the standings, but within range of placing third or better.

Knowing a victory in Germany will offer his best chance of success, the Spaniard is aiming to use the technical and compact layout of the German course to his advantage and end his 2019 campaign in winning style.

Alfredo, the outcome of the 2019 season is set to come down to the wire at GetzenRodeo, are you excited to put it all on the line for this final round?

Alfredo Gomez: ďIím really looking forward to GetzenRodeo and what the race will bring. Iím going there with the focus of fighting for the win. Last year I raced there and had a really big battle with Manuel Lettenbichler, but he just got me at the end. Hopefully this year I be the one finishing on the top step of the podium.Ē

What makes a venue like GetzenRodeo special to race at?

ďNormally it only takes place every two years, which makes it more difficult to win. So to have it happen this year for WESS feels like a bonus, a second chance to succeed. The event itself is unique. The woodland is surprisingly quite small, and spectators come out in really big numbers to watch. When youíre riding, sometimes you canít even hear your own bike from all the cheering - itís a magical place for sure.Ē

With past experience in the race, what are the keys to success?

ďThe morning race is probably more important than the afternoon race. With only 20 places for the final you really have to push hard to get in. Ideally my goal is to finish top-five in the morning. That will help put me in a good position going into the final. The GetzenChamp race Ė the main event at GetzenRodeo Ė has added difficult sections, so the key there is not to crash - you need to try to make each section as clean as possible.Ē

Although a Hard Enduro rider at heart, you put in some solid results in the faster, Classic Enduro rounds, what have you taken away from those races?

ďIíve enjoyed the faster style races this year, most recently BR2 Enduro Solsona. Coming from a Hard Enduro and Trials background I felt like I made some big improvements during that weekend. I was off the pace on day one but got better on day two. Itís a different way to ride and it demands intense focus on the special tests. Of course, I was far from the top of the time sheets, but I was happy with my results.Ē

With one round remaining, what stands out as your season highlight so far?

ďIíve enjoyed a lot of good results this year. Finishing second in my home race of Hixpania Hard Enduro was special, but of course coming within sight of winning Red Bull Romaniacs is so far the highlight. The whole week itself was great - always fighting for a top position. It was nice to win Off Road Day 2 and of course battle right to the end. Unfortunately, the win wasnít to be.Ē

The final climb of Red Bull Romaniacs delivered some incredible drama, do you still think about those intense moments?

ďItís hard not to think about that final climb. I think I was trying to be too enthusiastic. I should have stayed calm and not rushed the situation, but in that moment I was fighting for the victory and trying to save every second I could. Iím sure if I tried it again I would ride up first time, but thatís how racing goes - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose!Ē

Youíve opted to ride your Husqvarna 300cc two-stroke for the entire season while some others have switched from two-stroke to four-stroke, why was that?

ďIíve always been most comfortable with the two-stroke - it fits my riding style best. Iím happy to have stayed on it for all rounds. We worked hard in the off-season to find a great setup for all conditions and itís paid off. I showed at Trefle Lozerien AMV, Hawkstone Park Cross-Country and BR2 Enduro Solsona that I could battle with the four strokes. Overall, I found staying on the same bike allowed me to focus solely on the upcoming discipline without adapting to a different bike.Ē

How are things now with the knee injury you sustained in 2018, are you fully recovered?

ďAlthough I will never have full mobility in my knee, I have recovered 100 per cent. The further you get down the recovery road the less you think about those early days of the injury. Despite the seriousness of it - I was close to losing my leg - the recovery went better than expected. Doctors originally told me I would be off my bike for more than a year, but I raced again after five months. It did take almost one year to feel safe and mentally comfortable with everything, but Iíve shown this year Iím back to my best and ready to fight for wins again.Ē

Finally, after such a strong season, and of course all youíve recently been through, what would it mean to end 2019 on the overall podium?

ďAfter everything Iíve been through during the last year or more, to finish top three in the championship would be a major milestone. Of course, I want to win, thatís why we race, but I feel like Iíve given it my best shot this year - always challenging for victory in races Iím best at. My goal for GetzenRodeo is to win and sign off on 2019 with a top-three in the championship.Ē

The 2019 World Enduro Super Series concludes with the eighth and final round at Germanyís GetzenRodeo on Saturday November 2. Watch the crowning moment of this yearís ULTIMATE ENDURO WORLD CHAMPION live on Red Bull TV.

GetzenRodeo Winners List

2018 - Manuel Lettenbichler (GER)
2016 - Graham Jarvis (GB)
2014 - Graham Jarvis (GB)
2012 - Graham Jarvis (GB)
2011 - Marcus Kehr (GER)
2007 - Ralf Scheidhauer (GER)
2006 - Ralf Scheidhauer (GER)

2018 GetzenRodeo Podium

1. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM - GER) 2. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna - ESP) 3. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM - POL)

2019 GetzenRodeo Schedule

Friday, November 1
21.00hrs - Grand Opening Ceremony

Saturday, November 2
10.00hrs - GetzenRace
14.00hrs - GetzenChamp

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