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HardEnduroSeries Germany:

"I just wanted to gain driving experience and learn"

Interview with junior champion Lucas Müller

After the 2019 season, Lucas Müller can be described as a shooting star. After the Augustusburger had snooped into the series at the finals in Schwepnitz in the previous season, the full season of the HardEnduroSeries Germany was on the agenda in 2019. He has finished this very successfully, but of course we want to ask him that himself.

Hello Lucas,
I'm glad you're waiting for us for an interview. With what goals did you start your first full season?

My goal for the season was actually a top 15 place in the overall standings and top 5 in the juniors. In addition, I just wanted to gain driving experience and learn.

You already secured the junior title in Meltewitz. Did you expect it? As we'd heard, you had to struggle with technical problems in the race there, could that have caused you to retire?
I never thought I'd see it coming. Due to the sick leave in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz I had thought about becoming junior champion. The technical problems in Meltewitz were unfortunately self-inflicted. I misjudged a stone downhill and crashed hard. The front brake failed me almost completely, because the disc was mighty crooked. I also lost half of the gear lever. That made the race very exhausting. Since the motorbike was otherwise intact, I am relatively sure that a failure was excluded.

What are your best memories in the HardEnduroSeries Germany? For example, which race did you like best? Or what is special for you compared to other events?
I definitely have the best memory of the final in Schwepnitz! In the group race my clutch valve broke. However, my team was very relaxed and was able to get me the necessary parts to repair them relatively quickly. So I lost a bit more than one lap but you could see how the small but fine team was behind it, that gave me extra motivation for the final run which I had to start from row 7.
I think the concept is very good, it's a great series. Compared to other series, the level of difficulty of the tracks is a little higher and yet everything is drivable and the fun factor is very high.

Now it's time for the winter break. How do you train in winter? Are Superenduro races planned over the winter?
Currently I am in preparation for my exam, less for motorcycle races. Super Enduro races are therefore not planned, especially as it's difficult to get a race from a cost point of view. Generally it becomes harder for me to train in winter, because I work from dark to dark :)

Your junior title means that you are no longer eligible to compete in the class in 2020. Leon Hentschel was able to start directly after his junior victory in 2019 and win the overall ranking. What are your goals in the HardEnduroSeries Germany overall ranking 2020?
Yes Leon is of course an ultra strong rider with a lot of potential. I don't think I can go this way in the series like he has gone before. I lack a lot of practice time on the bike and maybe the talent. I don't have a direct goal, I just want to ride and have fun. It will always be a hobby for me and not a profession and so I should deal with it.

What do you want for the series? What do you like and what could be improved for the future?
For the series I wish that there is no trouble after the races to shortcut or so. Many riders wanted more control on the track. I don't think this is the task of the organizer, but should be the reason of the drivers to drive the track as planned, even if parts of the barrier tape are missing due to falls. So I don't think there is much to improve. Keep up the good work and I would like to take this opportunity to praise all the helpers and organizers at and around the track!

Of course, you also need support. Who are your biggest supporters and sponsors, who would you like to thank?
I can thank the Blockhauscafe, Auto-Teile-Müller, SwayMx, Enduro Seven as well as DG Design and Enduro4you and the many people who supported me financially enormously both from the village and from a private person who made it possible for me to drive. Of course I'm also grateful to my family, my fiancée who takes part in all the fun and not to forget the good mood team :), so they are always with me and help where they can. I have always been helped by the Christian faith. I am simply enormously grateful to all supporters and hope for a beautiful season 2020!

We wish you much success for the season 2020 and all other plans.

Registration for the 2020 season will start on 01.01.2020 at 12 noon. The series presentation will take place again at the Sachsenkrad in Dresden from 17.-19.01.2020. Further information can always be found at  .