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Josh Gotts wins BEC Opener

Josh Gotts began his 2020 British Enduro Championship campaign in fine style at the Hampshire Enduro this past weekend competing on the new, 2020 TM Racing EN 300Fi ES ‘Twin’ machine, supported by Lasermaster, Electraction & TMUK.

Some tough conditions faced the entrants of this first round of the 2020 series and with over 7 hours of straight competition in the ‘championship class’, avoiding the ‘delights’ of Storm Ciara was impossible!. Horrendous winds, constant drizzle – mixed with some much heavier downpours – made it a battle for all competitors, most of whom were soaked through to the skin. Some challenging sections laid ahead and the weather conditions did little to aid the course, big bogs, fallen trees, being cold and ‘uncomfortable’ with patchy visibility from dirty goggles, made it difficult to even stay focused and stay on course, let alone on time.

However, the combination of a ‘very determined Josh’ and the new TM Racing EN 300Fi ES ‘Twin’ proved unstoppable in the poor conditions allowing the pairing to forge ahead on the total times as the day went on. With only a couple of tests remaining Josh had taken the lead and given himself a small cushion, but still had to keep focus and push forward, limiting any mistakes. With the weather worsening and the rain falling at a greater rate, the last hour of the event was a grueling affair for all involved. A great ride by Josh saw him maintain his lead after the final test and when the organisers eventually called time on the event – cutting out the last ‘loop’ of the final lap – they missed Josh on the ‘diversion’, Josh still completed the remaining part of lap all on his own whilst his competitors returned to the pits!.

After a very cold, wet and challenging, day Josh and the new 300Fi machine had done enough to secure themselves not only a win for this new TM Racing machine, but also Josh’ first British Enduro Championship overall win.

Well massive done to Josh, a great ride Bert. A massive well done and thanks to all of the ‘crew’ who assisted Josh at the event.

Thanks, TM UK.