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Illegal Riding - Diss MCC Muntjac Motorcycle Enduro faces cancellation!

Last November, Diss MCC’s Muntjac Motorcycle Enduro in Thetford Forest was cancelled for the first time in 38 years primarily due to illegal riding. This morning, the Diss Club has just received a very concerning email from Forestry England (Thetford) that over the weekend of 13/14th June 2020, there has been an extremely high number of riders irresponsibly illegally riding around Thetford Forest. Several vans parked up with riders (motocross and enduro) riding the Muntjac and Santon enduro areas and according to the Forestry, these riders appeared to know the area well.

If riders continue with this irresponsible action, we will not only lose the Muntjac but also all use of the Forest for other events. The club appreciate 95% of riders are very responsible and do not illegally ride.

The Police and Forestry England propose to conduct further checks to stamp out illegal riding not only in the Muntjac and Santon but other areas of Thetford Forest and their estate in East of England. The Police have stated that they will take a robust approach to any illegal riding and will make full use of all powers available to them, this includes the possibility of vehicles being seized and riders prosecuted for any offences. One recent case (not in Thetford Forest) has resulted in the offenders being arrested and charged due to their reckless actions.

The ACU has also made it clear that any member caught will, under the ACU National Sporting Code, have their licence suspended.

Clubs in the Eastern Centre are trying to get the sport started again but face many additional challenges in terms of managing the risk of Covid-19. Please do not make the matter worse than it is! Look at the longer-term picture.
Diss MCC


I recently came across a box of old medals in the attic and what struck me most was the number of great events we have lost due to selfish bastards illegally riding. Events like the Powys, Mountain Tops, Tour of Wales, Cwm Owen, Little Oaks and the list goes on, If a scumbag steals your bike, it is annoying but it can be replaced. Illegal riders are stealing unforgettable experiences you will never enjoy and they cannot be replaced.