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The Tough 100 is BACK


Sunday 16th AUGUST at The Brilliant BERWYN / TYN TWYLL ..

This is ONE of if not the best Extreme Enduro in the UK and is now Rd 1 as well as a stand alone event, of the MICHELIN WEC (WOR EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP) 2020.

Set on a massive mountainside lap of 10miles ..the aim is 10 laps for a Gold Finish and 100 miles.. 9 laps for silver Finish, 8 laps for a Bronze and 7 to be classed a finisher... Riders get 1hr after the winner has crossed the line to complete their race.. so expect 4.5hrs of riding ..

The format is now a 1 day event instead of two...without the qualifier and sat night race and with a much cheaper entry fee of 80 per rider ...

The terrain is fantastic with lots of natural and manmade stuff to entertain any extreme rider for hours... massive climbs and downs, off cambers, stream sections, wooded areas , open mountains.. a mini romainiacs in a day...ENTER NOW - Limited to 100 riders.. Last year was cancelled due to lack of entries.. lets hope not the case this year ..

All solo classes catered for ..

T100 ENTER HERE NOW : https://worevents.com/events/details/the-tough-100-extreme-enduro-returns 

RED SATURDAY DAY BEFORE (entries open soon)

KIDS RACE SAT NIGHT (Entries open soon)"