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Rock Oil Round 3
Crowder - King of Dean Moor RAW Restart.

Images: CH-Images
Words: RAW Media

The RAW Enduro Restart has been eagerly awaited by lots of very patient riders, Dean Moor in Cumbria has had nothing but TLC for three months during lockdown.

Over the weekend a great turn out of Adult and Youth riders were treated to the perfect post lockdown blast out. No tree or stump dodging to worry about meant riders could simply get on with bar to bar competition at its best.

Josh Knight and Cristina Palmer set the scene for the day as the pair pushed each other to the max from the start in Youth A. Palmers MX skills clear to see, however Knights slightly bigger bike gave him a small advantage on the True Enduro aspects of the course. After a 10 lap battle Josh Knight took the win at the flag with Palmer just 40 seconds behind. RAW Enduro Team rider Bert Boam had his first race on a 150, third place was a great start to racing proper bikes. James Lindsey Ran out winner in the Youth B Class, Harry Walker only three minutes behind lost vital time stopping for drinks, but still grabbed a solid second in class. Bradley Crabtree might be the slightest of kids but his pace rewarded him with third on the day.

Josh Knight

Tommy Grimmer

Five auto class riders all completed plenty of laps, no short cuts, these little warriors rode exactly the same track as the adults giving them valuable enduro experience.

Sportsman start

Straight into the first adult race of the day at exactly 10:30am, local man Stuart Mowbray grabbed the holeshot and went on to take a very easy win in the sportsman vets class. Nick barrow placed runner up after a great close battle with Kevin Watson who eventually placed third. Sportsman at RAW are as always very competitive. Jonny Bagnall ran out winner on the day with Ryan Chapman enjoying his day around Dean Moor in runner up spot. Sam Boyd had his first RAW Ride in with the adults, he placed a very respectful third. Early race podium prospect Billy Rippon crashed hard on the MX track early on, whilst running up front. Dusted off and after a cuddle with his Mam Billy was sore but relatively well.

As predicted, Aaron Crowder dominated the Over 50 vets class winning the by over half a lap from Mark Ritchie. David Williams used to race MX with Crowder as kids, in his own words "I could beat him then", and the Over 50 class had no less than 16 riders which was fantastic to see.

After a short break to add the Quarry section of the course for the afternoon race riders, the main race for the faster riders was started ahead of schedule at 1:15pm.

Sam Winterburn took a lightning fast start in front of 18 other Expert riders, he grabbed the holeshot at one of his first ever Schoolboy MX meeting venues. Winterburn held the lead ahead of Lancastrians Ryan Crowder and Jack Spencer for almost the whole race. After refuelling all three riders were running a fast pace literally within meters of each other. With two laps to Go Crowder played his hand by upping his pace to pass and Gap all other experts by an impressive one minute margin at the flag. Sam Winterburn was more than happy on his return to racing taking runner up spot. 

Jack Spencer

Paul McSorley

Jack Spencer placed third at the flag looking tired as he crossed the line. Another mention must go to the young guns Burt Crayston and Jamie Williams, the pair both clattered handlebars a number of times in a titanic battle for 4th and 5th places. Williams using the Steeper Extreme route out of the quarry compared to Craystons "safer" line, meant it was a two stroke v four stroke battle. Tommy Grimmer topped the ultra-Competitive Clubman class by just 52 seconds at the Flag from Chris Bailey. Chris had a bad crash last year, he now thankfully looks fully fit and recovered ready to finish the season in style on his high spec KTM. Holeshot Hero Scott Hipwell has social media bragging rights this week on insta, Scott mashed the turn one battle and led the race for a good while before settling for a solid safe third on the day.

In the gentleman's class Paul McSorley was overall winner of Elite Vets ahead of newbie Veteran Neil Marshal. Neil just missed staying on the lead lap by 41 seconds which is no mean feat, considering he spent the whole Youth race helping his daughter Lily get yet another RAW Race finish under her belt.

With the RAW Enduro Rock Oil Championship now the focus for Race director Wayne Braybrook, the attention turns to two Brand new venues in Lancashire for August. There are still some small hurdles to overcome with current restrictions, however Wayne is optimistic that we will get to add some new turf at two stunning new venues to the 2020 Championship.

Thanks to everyone for supporting RAW Enduro in recent weeks, let's all look forward to our new Normal with Off Road competition continuing at its best.


More details on the RAW Enduro Website, and very soon on the NEW RAW Enduro App on Andriod and Apple… Exciting times, #RAW Progress.