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Brad Freeman dominates in the mud and rain of Italy

Photos G.Chillemi

The first day of the 3rd round of the Italian Championship was dominated by British riders Brad Freeman (Beta), Steve Holcombe (Beta) and Joe Wotton (Husqvarna) who made themselves at home in the mud and rain of the Brescia hills.

In weather conditions described as the worst in living memory the Sebino and IMF motorcycle club worked hard to cope but it was not possible to complete the extreme test as the rain swelled the streams into torrents and a river swept through the Airoh Cross Test.

Brad Freeman took the overall win ahead of teammate Holcombe and Wotton was 3rd. The best Italians was Thomas Oldrati (Honda Redmoto) in 4th who started well in second position but faded on the last lap, The Fiamme Oro rider still won the 250 4t race ahead of his main rival Andrea Verona (TM) by 23 seconds. In third place was Michele Bosi (Beta)

Other British successes included Danny McCanney in 7th, Harry Edmondson 16th Alex Snow 23rd and Jed Etchells 26th.

It was an excellent race for Alex Salvini (S2Motosport) who, despite the pain in his shoulder, ended the day by winning the second position behind Matteo Cavallo (Sherco CH Racing). On the lowest step of the podium was Diego Nicoletti (Husqvarna Gabrielli).

In the 125s, the victory of the day went to Tommaso Montanari (KTM TNT Corse) in front of his teammate Lorenzo Bernini (KTM) while the third position was occupied by the Sicilian rider of Team Fantic D'Arpa Giuliano Mancuso.

Battle at Beta Boano in the 250 2t class with Davide Soreca and Deny Philippaerts who end the day separated by just six seconds in favor of the Ligurian. Bronze medal for Guido Conforti (Husqvarna Garaffi).

Unlucky day for the leader of the 300 Davide Guarneri (TM E50) who finished his race in sixth place; today's victory went to Rudy Moroni (KTM Proracingmotosport) first over Gianluca Martini (Beta) and Nicoḷ Mori (Beta Diligenti). In Junior Lorenzo Macoritto (Beta Boano) wins the highest step of the podium putting behind Enrico Zilli (Honda) and Matte Pavoni (Beta Boano) while in Youth the protagonist is Claudio Spanu (Husqvarna Osellini) winner over Simone Cristini and Thomas Grigis .

E Cristini is instead the protagonist of the Eleveit Trophy reserved for very young people; the rider on the KTM wins the fifth round of the season! In the other championship trophy, the one dedicated to the Airoh Helmet brand, the first position of the day went to Steve Holcombe!

In the IMF Cup the 2t still bears the signature of Michael Pogna, very strong this year, while in the 4t it is Michele Bosi the winner today.

Among the Motoclubs the host, Sebino, wins; in the Independent Teams Diligenti climbs on the highest step of the podium.

In the Italian Cup the winners of the day were Andrea Gheza (Beta Cadetti), Andrea Manarin (TM Junior), Nicholas Sana (KTM Senior), Agostino Volpi (Honda Major) and our super Lady Raissa Terranova (Beta SGS Racing Lady).


On Day 2 the sun shone in Darfo Boario Terme but despite the good weather the mud did not dry up giving the riders some challenging special stages characterized by slippery ground. The X-CUP Motocross Marketing-Galfer extreme test was still unrideable with a water level too high to allow riders to cross it safely. 

After four laps the winner of Day 1 Brad Freeman (Beta Motor) managed to establish himself again on the difficult terrain of Brescia putting behind him a fast Andrea Verona (TM) who started in the back and is the protagonist of a great comeback up to second place overall and first of the 250 4t. Third position for Steve Holcombe who becomes the new 24mx leader of the championship. Just off the podium just one second behind his compatriot we find Joe Wottoon (Husqvarna JET) while Thomas Oldrati (Honda Redmoto) closes the top five.

All the British riders stayed strong Danny McCanney in 6th, Alex Snow 17th, Jed Etchells 29th and Harry Edmondson 32nd.

In the various categories, a double win for Tommaso Montanari (KTM TNT Corse) in the 125 2t as well as for Davide Soreca (Beta Boano), also first today in the 250 2t. Behind Montanari, Giuliano Mancuso (Fantic D'Arpa) and Lorenzo Bernini (KTM TNT Corse) complete the podium, while his teammate Deny Philippaerts and Maurizio Micheluz (Husqvarna Osellini) finish behind Soreca.

In the 300 the home rider Davide Guarneri (TM E50) finds the right feeling after a subdued Saturday, who wins the day ahead of yesterday's winner Rudy Moroni (KTM Proracingsport) and Gianluca Martini (Beta). The 250 4t, as mentioned before, goes to Andrea Verona who imposes Thomas Oldrati on the main opponent for the title while the third position is occupied by Michele Musso (Sherco). Double victory in 450 for Sherco rider Matteo Cavallo; behind him a tenacious Alex Salvini (Honda S2Motosport) second and Manuel Monni (Husqvarna Osellini) third.

In the young he is a double for Lorenzo Macoritto (Beta Boano). In second position we find Matteo Pavoni (Beta Boano) and in third Enrico Zilli (Honda).

Youth is once again the affair of Claudio Spanu (Husqvarna Osellini) who won again on this day2. The podium is completed by Kevin Cristino (Beta Boano), who was forced to retire yesterday, and Riccardo Fabris (Fantic JET Racing).

In the motorcycle club ranking first place for Sebino while in the Independent Teams the highest step of the podium for Team Husqvarna Osellini.

In the mud of the Airoh Cross Test the best time of the day was recorded by Alex Salvini while in the Eleveit Trophy this day2 victory goes to Lorenzo Bernini.

In the FMI 2t Cup the champion of the championship Michael Pogna was forced to retire. The first position went to Lorenzo Giuliani (Beta Diligenti). In 4t the highest step of the podium is occupied by Francesco Tengattini (KTM).