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Ben Saville Memorial
Photos by photofinish 43 and Nick Guppy
Report by Rogershill raceway

The 3rd round of the winter series was a proper mud fest again! It was also the Ben Saville memorial, a special event for the Rogershill team and family. As a party was off the cards this year the riders and marshals put on some fancy dress to raise money for the Dorset & Somerset air Ambulance. Thank you to everyone who gave generously, we matched the takings on the day to take it to 1000 but with further donations from VSMX with the monies from all the race numbers this year and others the total is still climbing!

Daryl Bolter was leading the day until bike problems paved the way for Ricky Wiggins, who made his debut on a Yamaha 250 following a break after injury. Brilliant riding as he was over 10 minutes ahead of the rest of the field despite a lack of bike time. Second place was Bradley Rowland who made the switch to four stroke power, seems the 350 is a little tricky to keep between the tapes. Third place was Owen Richards who missed out on an extra lap by only 13seconds. 4th place Elliot Davies still leads the championship overalls despite losing his seat and his reindeer following an epic hole shot.

Gary McCoy won the expert class very convincingly and was the only one to get 14laps meaning he finished 4th overall out of all the competitors, he also emptied his piggy bank out and gave it to the air ambulance, nice one. Second place was Morgan Deakin who narrowly missed out on an extra lap. Riding well now he is no longer having to borrow bikes off Pete! 3Rd place was Jake Strawbridge who fought off close competition to secure the last spot on the podium.

The expert vets were won by Dan Groom who finished over 10 minutes ahead of the next rider, securing his lead over the championship as well. Mark Lewis was second, losing a bit of time at the end as conditions worsened. Close behind in third was Karl Langford also on 12laps.

Marcus Clare won the clubman A class by a country mile, setting the fastest lap of the group by over a minute and a half getting him the 13th lap. Second was Taylor Brooke whose consistent laps times were enough to keep 3rd place Edward Eames at bay who had an early lead.

The clubman B class winner was John Stanley who fought fiercely with second place Stuart Williams throughout, they were the only two in the group to get 12 laps. Third place was Peter Colmer who had the fastest lap of the group, brilliant result for the happiest person in the pits!

Rob Samways bought himself an Enduro bike, left his 450 mxr in the shed and won the clubman Vets class, good call! with Steve Dagger in close second and Matt Guppy rounding out the top three, in fourth was Chris Tite, ditching the quad for some two wheeled action but where was little sister Jen with the Ice Cream van!

In the sportsman class the clear winner was Ardren Scott who narrowly missed out on 12 laps! Next up and also on a highly creditable 11 laps was the young Ollie Samways, keeping his 125 singing. In 3rd and raising his game at every race was Jed Walther, but with Cameron Games keeping him honest right to the end for 4th.

Last (in the write up) but not least, the sportsman vets, keeping their heads down for a finish. Top dog was Ian Challoner but with Chris Jordan nipping at his heels, both on 9 laps, followed by Richard Hobbs, missing the extra lap by a mere 24 seconds! Further back down the field, our Ben Sav Hero of the day trophy winner was, Tim ODowd. Riding his faithful 450 in a full Bond spec Tuxedo, complete with bow tie and a muddy smile on his face (I think it was a smile but having been filled in by 100 people lapping him a few times it was hard to tell!) Well done mate enjoy the Buddha trophy.

Huge thanks to Jack Sprack and Brad king who helped track laying in the rain. The amazing marshals who dressed up and tried their best to keep everyone going in the right direction. The Saville family and friends for coming out to support the riders and cheer them on till the end. Thanks to you all for taking part, the next event is on the 21st February as Januarys forestry event has had to be postponed due to land access. Thanks to Craig from Dorset Enduro and Pete (santa) for all their help, really appreciated guys!

Rogershill membership has been rolled over for all existing members, if you would like to join for 2021 then go to our website. The ACU are not able to roll over licenses and I know some think this is greedy but in fact they have lost a huge amount of income due to the cancellation of events. The MCF have closed and we do not want this to happen to the ACU as they are the premier event insurers. Doing much more for the sport than people realise, encouraging young riders and fighting for land access and making organisers lives as easy as possible. In short get your licenses guys as we intend to run enough events under ACU permits that you get your money back anyway, regardless of the thousands of other events you can access as well, including trials and motocross!

Merry Christmas to you all from the Rogershill Team!