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Will Ruprecht doubles in Custonaci and wins the championship lead!

TM Boano domination in the absolute of the day: Cavallo and Macoritto complete the blue podium.

It was again the Australian Will Ruprecht who dictated the law in Custonaci on the second day of competition of the splendid Sicilian stage of the Assoluti d'Italia Borilli Racing - Ufo Plast 2021. An absolute domination that began on Saturday morning and continued until the last special today, Sunday 28 March. The event, organized and managed in the best way by the Custonaci motorcycle club, received the compliments of all 163 members who found to welcome them, in the city of marble, a beautiful ride and three special tough guys who got a lot of holes when the knobby wheels passed.

Only three laps made today by both the Italian Cup riders and those of the Absolutes with the latter who, however, had to face a fourth special in line before being able to hand over their schedule to the timekeepers.

Even if, compared to Saturday, the wind has dropped and the first spring heat has cheered the companions, the response of the absolute classification has not changed! The color holder of the TM Boano team Will Ruprecht wins, convinces and takes home, for the first time, the 24MX Championship leader table and also the 3rd Round of the Airoh Cross Test Trophy! A success that makes team manager Jarno Boano happy, always good at believing in him and deserving of having created a winning team that today can enjoy an incredible hat-trick. Immediately under the "kangaroo" is Matteo Cavallo - ruler of the 250 4T class on Andrea Verona (GASGAS) and Samuele Bernardini (Honda) surprisingly the fastest in the Extreme X-CUP Motocross Marketing-Galfer - followed by the very fast Lorenzo Macoritto,

Thomas Oldrati (Honda RedMoto) concludes in fourth overall position and gnaws another 3 points from Alex Salvini (Honda - S2 Motorsport) in 450 where Nicola Recchia (GASGAS) ends third again. Just 4 seconds from the Fiamme Oro rider we find the blue talent Matteo Pavoni (TM - Boano) at the third affirmation in a row in Junior where he gets behind Manolo Morettini (KTM - Proracing Sport) and Enrico Zilli (Honda) on his first podium of the season . Off the podium in the Junior Enrico Rinaldi (GASGAS - GTG Motogamma) who consoles himself with the third consecutive victory in the Eleveit Trophy.

Always the same story in 125 where Davide Guarneri (Fantic - E50) consolidates his leadership in the standings against Giuliano Mancuso (Fantic - D'Arpa Racing), second also today. Third step of the podium for Matteo Grigis from Bergamo on GASGAS of the GTG Motogamma team.

Exciting duel in the 300: the San Marino Thomas Marini (TM - Boano) manages to replicate yesterday's victory with a gap of only 4 seconds from the Betamotr driver Gianluca Martini who, in turn, has the better of the Bomber Rudy Moroni (KTM - Proracing Sport).

Riccardo Fabris (Fantic - Jet Racing) returns from Sicily with two victories and the lead in the standings. Following him, in the ranking of the day, Gabriele Pasinetti (Beta) and teammate Daniele Del Bono.

Among the motorcycle clubs the Fiamme Oro that beat Sebino and Lake Iseo are reconfirmed in first place, while Osellini wins among the independent teams.

The FMI cup is a Sicilian affair: Marco Bologna (Sherco) draws on Alessandro Talamo (Husqvarna) both in the absolute and in the 4T while in the 2T the winner is Andrea Conigliaro (Beta).

Filippo Moletta (Husqvarna) drops the three of a kind and takes the absolute of the day and the Senior category. In the other classes Alessandro Guerra (GASGAS) wins, in the Cadets, Francesco Cagnina (Beta), in the Junior, Luca Loss (Husqvarna), in the Major and Manuel Verzeroli (Vent), in the 50.

The appointment with # ASSITA2021 now goes to the weekend of liberation when, in Piedilucco (TR) the 4th and 5th stages of this exciting season twenty twenty-one will be staged!