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Don Mundell

Dan Mundell traveled to Sicily this weekend for the second round of the Italian Enduro Championship.

Day 1

Well happy with today! Felt so good to get back between the tapes and get the first race day out of the way. Came in without any expectations or pressure and Iím made up with 14th overall for day 1 slack tuck of the front in the last cross test cost me a position but we live and learn. Eased into it and found my feet a bit here and there. Thanks to the team @s2_motorsport & @bianconcini929 for an awesome job!! Letís see what tomorrow will bring and how stiff Iím gonna be in the morning. Thanks for the messages.

Day 2

Stoked by another P14 overall today! Made it hard with a disastrous first cross test with some issues but we sorted that and I enjoyed coming back through the field to another solid result. Iíve far exceeded any expectations or hopes that I had for this weekend especially in tough conditions so Iím hoping that things will keep improving from here/ I canít thank the team enough for everything. Canít begin to tell you how tired my body is now.  See you at the next race