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Steve & WOR are BRAND "NEU-TRAL" for 2021 ...

Ggoing into 2021 with a new era of not promoting ANY brand of motorcycle manufacturer amongst our riders and paddock.

For the last 25 years ..Steve and WOR have always had a link to an importer or de each other In terms of how good they are .. performance and riding ...weight and handling.. reliability and quality and price and parts etcaler that then passed down to the said machines being actively promoted to the WOR customers ... however a new, fresh approach is being taken by Steve ...

Steve has vast experience of most machinery now and fully recognises that nowadays all bikes are so near to.etc .it really is an even playing field with KTM, SHERCO, BETA, HUSQVARNA, GASGAS,TM and all the others all being superb, cutting edge machines.

In the past it can be said an element of bias was always in place towards the "current" bike/ dealer / importer .. that Steve was promoting and that maybe reflected negatively for other teams, dealers and brands that attended the WOR races and meets... This moment forward.. WOR ARE NEUTRAL!! ALL BRANDS, DEALERS ..TEAMS/ IMPORTERS will be treated and respected the same with all riders enjoying their prized possessions. This will just add to the already very impressive, happy and not clique atmosphere that Steve and the WOR Events team proudly promote at all of their events. Steve's got his own bike of choice, a KTM 250f for 2021 that was purchased out of choice from a dealer of choice.. every one else does the same and should revel in their purchases ..

Michelin Motorcycle Putoline SBXtreme along with some other long time sponsors as always will continue to be actively pushed and promoted throughout the Steve Ireland's WOR EVENTS organisation.

It's going to be a cracking year with WOR with over 2000 members .. and some of the best tracks in the UK...any customers that wish to have any advice from Steve at the events simply find him and ask ...Steve also has a couple of simply stunning and brand new venues to unleash this year ...#rideWOR #allwelcome #allbikesaregood